Heavy duty socks guaranteed to last a lifetime

Blueguard socks [Heavy duty socks]

Are you tired of throwing away old pairs of socks?

Blueguard heavy duty socks are made with long filament polymer bonds to last up to 46 times longer than a standard pair of socks. Guaranteed to last a lifetime, you can stop worrying about getting rid of socks with holes in.

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Benefits of Blueguard heavy duty socks

Why buy a pair of Blueguard heavy duty socks?

Saves money: Lasting 46 times longer than a standard pair of sports socks means you won’t have to keep spending money buying new pairs to replace worn pairs.

Saves time: Stop wasting time throwing away old pairs of socks – buy a pair that’s guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Protects your feet: Holes in socks aren’t good for your feet. Not only are Blueguard socks guaranteed to not get holes, but they offer the comfort and protection needed to work on your feet all day long.

Why choose Blueguard heavy duty socks?

What sets Blueguard apart from other durable socks on the market?

Lifetime guarantee: If any holes appear in your Blueguard socks, we’ll replace them free of charge.

Long-lasting: Proven to last up to 925,000 cycles – 46 times longer than a standard sports sock.

Comfortable: Comfort fit, arch support, full cushion, a cotton rich body, and extended heel make Blueguard as comfortable as any other sock on the market.

Scientifically approved: Blueguard socks are tested by British Standards EN 13770:3002 to last longer than any other sock on the market.

International brand: Blueguard is a member of the Sock Shop family, making it a global brand that you can trust.

Blueguard heavy duty socks specifications

Available in:

  • UK sizes 4-8, 6-8 ½, 9-11, and 12-14
  • Navy and blue or black and blue
  • Men’s and Women’s
  • Free standing displays holding 72 pairs


  • 63% cotton, 32% polyamide, 4% polypropylene, 1% elastane


  • Machine washable at 40°C

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