Heavy duty work socks guaranteed to last a lifetime

Blueguard socks [Heavy duty work socks]

Blueguard is a leading maker of heavy duty work socks.

Blueguard socks are lifetime guaranteed not to get holes. They last over 46 times longer than standard, branded sports socks. If holes are worn in the socks, we’ll provide you another pair – free of charge.

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Benefits of Blueguard heavy duty work socks

Saves money: You don’t have to spend money buying socks that won’t last.

Saves time: Don’t waste time throwing away socks with holes again.

Protects your feet: Offers the comfort and protection needed to work on your feet day in, day out.

Features of Blueguard heavy duty work socks

Long-lasting: Last up to 925,000 cycles, 46 times longer than a standard sports sock.

Comfortable: Comfort fit, arch support, full cushion, cotton rich body, extended heel.

Lifetime guarantee: Receive a free pair of Blueguard socks if holes appear in your current pair.

Scientifically tested: Proven to last longer than any other sock on the market.

International brand: Blueguard is owned by Sock Shop, a global sock manufacturer.

How long do Blueguard heavy duty work socks socks last?

Blueguard socks are scientifically proven to last 925,000 cycles. But how many cycles is that compared to other socks?

  • Branded sport sock: 20,000 cycles
  • Cotton dress sock: 26,000 cycles
  • Retail work sock: 35,000 cycles
  • Trade workwear sock: 40,000 cycles
  • Branded construction sock: 55,000 cycles
  • Branded dun safety sock: 65,000 cycles
  • Branded Gio boot sock: 75,000 cycles
  • Branded cooper sock: 77,000 cycles
  • Branded heavy sock: 148,000 cycles
  • Branded Kevlar sock: 260,000 cycles
  • Branded tough sock: 580,000 cycles
  • Blueguard sock: 925,000 cycles

That means Blueguard long lasting socks last a huge 46 times longer than standard, branded sports socks.

Blueguard heavy duty work socks specifications

Available in:

  • UK sizes 4-8, 6-8 ½, 9-11, and 12-14
  • Navy and blue or black and blue
  • Men’s and Women’s
  • Free standing displays holding 72 pairs


  • 63% cotton, 32% polyamide, 4% polypropylene, 1% elastane


  • Machine washable at 40°C

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