Comfortable sock manufacturer seeking international distributors

Comfortable sock manufacturer [GentleGrip cotton socks]

Grey, striped womans's socks from the comfortable sock manufacturer.
Black, patterned socks from GentleGrip, leading comfortable sock manufacturer.
Blue and brown patterned socks from the comfortable sock manufacturer.
Plain grey and black socks from the comfortable sock manufacturer.
Rose patterned socks from the comfortable sock manufacturer.

Are you looking for a comfortable sock manufacturer? GentleGrip’s aim is to produce the most-comfortable socks in the world.

GentleGrip socks alleviate the tightness caused by other socks. Your customers will love the unique, pressure-relieving cuff and cotton-rich yarn.

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Comfortable sock manufacturer seeking international resellers

GentleGrip has sold over 30 million pairs of socks to countless happy customers all over the world. It’s a recognised brand that your customers will know and trust.

With a unique cuff and soft, cotton-rich yarn, GentleGrip socks provide outstanding comfort for the wearer’s feet and legs.

By fitting comfortably to the natural shape of the wearer’s legs and ankles, GentleGrip socks avoid constriction marks and allow proper circulation — ideal for diabetics and people who suffer from swollen legs and circulation problems.

As the market-leading comfortable sock supplier, GentleGrip socks are available in a huge variety of colours and styles to match any outfit for men and women. As a reseller of GentleGrip socks, you appeal to a wide customer base.

GentleGrip is seeking international resellers. Enquire today to find out more.

Why choose GentleGrip as your comfortable sock manufacturer?

  • An internationally recognised brand
  • Over 30 million pairs sold to countless happy customers
  • A unique design that delivers unparalleled comfort
  • A huge variety of styles, colours and patterns available
  • Ideal for people with circulation problems and diabetes

Provide your customers with outstanding comfort. Contact GentleGrip today.

GentleGrip cotton socks specifications

Men’s regular sizes        6-11 (UK), 39-45 (EU)
Men’s bigfoot sizes 12-14 (UK), 46-50 (EU)
Women’s sizes 4-8 (UK), 37-42 (EU)
Care instructions Machine washable at 40°C
Materials Cotton, polyester, nylon and elastane

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