Diabetic socks encourage circulation and prevent friction

Diabetic socks [Diabetic socks]

Pink and blue diabetic socks from GentleGrip.
Purple diabetic socks for women from GentleGrip.
Blue GentleGrip diabetic socks for comfortable feet.
Blue, grey and black diabetic socks from GentleGrip.
Natural and beige diabetic socks from GentleGrip.

If you suffer from diabetes, then you know it’s important to care for your feet. GentleGrip diabetic socks are designed to encourage blood flow and provide outstanding comfort.

GentleGrip socks fit the natural shape of your legs without tightness. Ideal for anyone with circulatory problems.

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Diabetic socks ensure healthy, comfortable feet

GentleGrip diabetic socks are designed to prevent the foot problems associated with diabetes.

By using a unique, soft-grip cuff and a loosely-knitted cotton-rich fabric, the socks provide comfort and protection. The socks fit gently to the natural shape of your legs without tightness. Diabetic socks allow proper circulation, giving you peace of mind that your feet are healthy.

GentleGrip diabetic socks use a smooth seam that prevents friction and protects your feet from damage. You enjoy all-day comfort and confidence that your feet are protected.

GentleGrip socks are ideal for anyone with circulation problems.

Why choose GentleGrip diabetic socks?

GentleGrip socks provide protection and comfort your feet:

  • The soft-grip cuff encourages proper circulation.
  • The cotton-rich yarn fits the natural shape of your legs, without tightness.
  • The smooth seam reduces friction and prevents soreness, protecting your feet from damage.
  • The socks are available in a range of colours for men and women. Ideal for everyday use and formal wear.

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Diabetic socks specifications

Women’s sizes

4-8 (UK), 37-42 (EU)

Men’s sizes 6-11 (UK), 39-45 (EU)
Materials Cotton, polyester, nylon, elastane

White, beige, purple, pink, black, brown, blue and grey

Care instructions Machine washable at 40°C

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