Easy-to-use acoustic calibrator for sound meters

Acoustic calibrator [Models 105 and 106]

Quickly check the accuracy of your sound meter. Acoustic calibrators allow you to set the sensitivity of any noise meter with a 0.5-inch microphone (0.25-inch adapter also available). Pulsar’s calibrators meet IEC 60942: 2003, giving you confidence in their reliability and accuracy. Available as class 1 or class 2.

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Acoustic calibrator ensures legally compliant noise measurements

Noise regulations require you to calibrate your noise meters before and after taking sound measurements. The acoustic calibrator from Pulsar Instruments makes this process quick and easy.

The calibrator fits over a sound meter microphone and emits an industry-standard, 1-kilohertz tone at 94 decibels. The calibrator fits any noise meter with a 0.5-inch microphone, and a 0.25-inch adapter is also available. Internal sensors correct for temperature, humidity and barometric pressure, which keeps the calibrator accurate in changing conditions.

Choose class 1 (model 105) or class 2 (model 106) depending on your sound meter. Both sound meters meet the latest international standards (IEC 60942:2003). Use them to ensure your sound meters meet legal requirements for industrial or environmental noise assessments.

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Features and benefits

Features Benefits
Available as class 1 (model 105) or class 2 (model 106) Choose the ideal calibrator for your sound meter.
International sound meter compatibility The acoustic calibrator fits standard 0.5-inch sound meter microphones. Use it on any compatible decibel meter.
In-built environmental sensors Sensors adjust for temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and battery voltage. Your calibrator stays stable and accurate in changing conditions.
Automatic shut-off Prolongs battery life, giving months or years of use from a single battery.
Complies with international standards Pulsar’s calibrators are EU pattern approved and meet all the requirements of IEC 60942: 2003. You can use them to set the accuracy of your sound meters in any country and industry.

Acoustic calibrator technical specifications

  • Accuracy: Class 1 or class 2
  • Sound level: 1-kilohertz tone at 94 decibels
  • Compatibility: Fits 0.5-inch international standard microphones. 0.25-inch adapter available.
  • Power: 9-volt battery
  • Compliance: IEC 60942: 2003

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