Whole-Body Vibration Meter
Pulsar vB² Human Vibration Meter

For the Health and Safety Manager who demands accuracy and efficiency, the Pulsar vB² Human Vibration Meter is the instrument that gives

Pulsar Instruments personal noise dosimeter mounted on a worker's shoulder.
Personal noise dosimeter ideal for lone workers in industrial settings

Protect your workers’ hearing and ensure your workplace meets noise at work regulations. The personal noise dosimeter fits comfortably on

Data logging sound level meter for class 2 noise assessments.
Data logging sound level meter for health and safety professionals

Get the latest noise assessment technology in an easy-to-use, handheld device. The Nova 44 data logging sound level meter is ideal for

Hospital noise control sign ideal for intensive care and children's wards.
Hospital noise control sign for quiet zones and patient safety

Ensure a comfortable environment in your healthcare setting with the hospital noise control sign. The noise-activated sign lights up when

Hand-arm vibration meter for industry, construction, power tool users and more.
Hand-arm vibration meter for health and safety professionals

Protect your workers from physical injury from tools and machinery with the hand-arm vibration meter. The device measures multiple vibration

Sound level meter for industrial noise measurements.
Easy-to-use sound level meter for workplace noise assessments

Quickly and easily measure noise in your workplace. The Nova 42 sound level meter provides reliable, accurate and straightforward noise

Pulsar Instruments class 1 sound level meter with windshield.
Premium class 1 sound level meter for high-accuracy noise assessment

Accurately measure sound levels in any industry with the Nova 45 class 1 sound level meter. This premium device combines the latest acoustic

Wearable noise dosimeter and hand-held decibel reader from Pulsar Instruments.
Protect workers with a wearable noise dosimeter

Protect your workforce from noise-induced hearing loss. The wearable noise dosimeter is lightweight, robust and easy to use. The dosimeter

Noise measuring device for professional sound measurements.
Real-time noise measuring device for professional use

Conduct detailed, accurate and comprehensive acoustic assessments with the professional noise measuring device. The model 33 noise meter

Nova 41, class 1 dB meter for industrial noise assessments.
Easy workplace noise assessments with the class 1 dB meter

Conduct easy noise assessments with the class 1 dB meter. The Nova 41 is easy to use, cost-effective and complies with international

Hearing protection sign for factories and industrial settings.
Protect workers with a noise-activated hearing protection sign

Ensure worker safety in your factory or industrial setting. The hearing protection sign lights up when sound levels exceed a set limit.

Handheld noise meter for industrial and environmental measurments.
Entry-level noise meter for quick and easy sound assessments

Conduct fast, easy sound measurements with the digital noise meter from Pulsar Instruments. This class 2 device is cost-effective, easy to

Industrial sound meter with windshield from Pulsar Instruments.
Class 1 sound meter for high-accuracy workplace noise assessments

Get high-accuracy noise data from the easy-to-use, cost-effective Nova 41 sound meter. Ideal for basic noise assessments in factories,

handheld decibel meter for high accuracy sound measurements.
Easy noise assessments with the handheld decibel meter

The Nova 44 decibel meter has all the features you need for accurate noise assessments. The device is easy to use, and it complies with

Handheld sound meter from the leading sound meter supplier.
Professional class 1 and 2 sound meter supplier

Protect workers and ensure your business complies with noise at work regulations. Pulsar Instruments is a sound meter supplier for

Handheld decibel reader from the leading sound level meter supplier.
Become a distributor for the leading sound level meter supplier

Choose the best noise monitoring equipment from the leading sound level meter supplier. Pulsar Instruments manufactures class 1 and 2 sound

A wearable noise dosimeter from an international sound level meter manufacturer.
Sound level meter manufacturer for industrial and environmental noise equipment

Choose from a comprehensive range of decibel meters, sound meters, noise-activated warning signs and more. Pulsar Instruments is a leading

Class 2 integrating sound level meter with windshield.
High-performance integrating sound level meter for noise at work assessments

Conduct easy noise assessments with the Nova 44 integrating sound level meter. This class 2 device has everything you need for accurate

Handheld sound monitor from the leading decibel meter manufacturer.
Leading decibel meter manufacturer

Get high-accuracy decibel meters for industrial and environmental noise assessments. Pulsar is a leading decibel meter manufacturer making

Noise monitoring equipment from Pulsar Instruments.
Accurate noise monitoring equipment for any industry

Find high-performance noise monitoring equipment for any application. Pulsar’s sound meters are suitable for workplace noise assessments,

Acoustic calibrator for sound level meters.
Easy-to-use acoustic calibrator for sound meters

Quickly check the accuracy of your sound meter. Acoustic calibrators allow you to set the sensitivity of any noise meter with a 0.5-inch