Protect workers with a wearable noise dosimeter

noise dosimeter [Model 22]

Protect your workforce from noise-induced hearing loss. The wearable noise dosimeter is lightweight, robust and easy to use. The dosimeter records noise exposure throughout the day. Use AnalyzerPlus software to create reports that prove your compliance with noise at work regulations.

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Easily measure sound exposure with the wearable noise dosimeter

The noise dosimeter system allows you to record and assess noise exposure in your workplace. You get the information you need to protect employees from hearing damage and to ensure your business complies with noise regulations.

The system comprises multiple noise dosimeters and a separate decibel reader unit. Workers wear the dosimeter on their shoulder or hard hat, and it records their sound exposure throughout their shift.

Use the decibel reader unit to programme each dosimeter and to view your data. Included AnalyzerPlus software allows you to create reports about noise levels in your business.

The system meets international standards, so you can use it in any industry and country.

Ideal for:

  • Lone workers
  • Shift workers
  • People working in confined spaces
  • Workers in remote areas

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Features and benefits

Features Benefits
Simple operation Start, programme and stop each noise dosimeter with a single decibel reader unit. This hand-held reader unit has simple button operation and a large display, for easy use in any environment.
No cables or external controls The wearable noise meter has no external displays, cables or buttons. It can’t be tampered with or accidentally switched off by a worker, so you always get accurate data.
Complies with international standards Use the system in any country and any industry. Ideal for construction, mining, manufacturing, shipping, entertainment, aviation and more.
Comes with AnalyzerPlus software Use the included software to create reports about sound exposure in your business. You can use these reports to prove your compliance with noise regulations.
Multiple mounting options Workers can wear the dosimeter on their shoulder or on a hard hat. The device weighs 45 grams, so it doesn’t obstruct daily activities.
Seven-year warranty Get a seven-year warranty when you return your dosimeter system to Pulsar Instruments for yearly calibration.

Wearable noise dosimeter technical specifications

  • Measurement range: 70-130dB(A), 120dB(C) to 140dB(C) Peak
  • Dosimeter size (millimetres): 13 x 47 x 38
  • Weight: Dosimeter 45 grams, reader 400 grams
  • Operating temperature: -10°C to 50°C
  • Compliance: IEC 61252:1993, ANSI S1.25:1991, IEC 60942:2001 class 2
  • Included: Dosimeters, reader unit, USB cable, charging unit, batteries, software, manuals, calibration certificates and hard case.

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