32 inch touch screen overlay converts ordinary glass into an interactive surface

32 inch touch screen overlay [32” Touchfoil]

A woman using a 32 inch touch screen overlay window
A man using a 32 inch touch screen overlay display at a bus stop
A waterproof outdoor kiosk made using a 32 inch touch screen overlay
The VisualPlanet 32 inch touch screen overlay
A diagram showing how to assemble a 32 inch touch screen overlay display

A 32 inch touch screen overlay converts a pane of glass into a touch-sensitive surface. You can create robust, engaging and weatherproof displays. PCAP foils are ideal for interactive digital signage, industrial touch screens, wayfinding kiosks and more.

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32 inch touch screen overlay for indoor and outdoor displays

PCAP overlays convert a glass surface into a touch screen. When laminated to the back of a glass panel, the PCAP overlay can detect when a finger touches the glass. Mount the glass onto an LCD monitor to create a touch-sensitive screen, table or sign.

VisualPlanet is the leading manufacturer of PCAP overlays and the founder of the large-format touch foil market. The company’s 32 inch TouchfoilTM is ideal for all types of touch screen:

Interactive retail displays

The 32 inch touch screen overlay is the perfect size for an interactive retail display or shop window. Touch screen retail displays increase customer engagement, boost brand awareness and generate revenue.

Interactive digital signage

PCAP foils are ideal for indoor and outdoor digital signage. VisualPlanet’s overlays use a UV protection layer so that your outdoor digital signage doesn’t black-out or overheat.

Industrial touch screens

PCAP touch screens are durable and reliable. The foil is protected by the glass panel and is not damaged by frequent use. PCAP foils work when the user is wearing gloves and are suitable for enclosures rated up to IP68.

Interactive gaming machines

You can apply touch screen overlays to curved glass to create interactive gaming machines. Curved-glass displays are highly attractive and increase customer engagement. VisualPlanet’s PCAP foils are reliable and robust. Your gaming machine has a long, reliable life and delivers the maximum return on investment.

Self-service ticket machines

The 32 inch touch screen overlay is ideal for vandal-proof touch screens in bus and train stations. Laminate the foil to glass up to 10 millimetres thick to protect the LCD screen from damage.

Interactive wayfinding

Use PCAP overlays for wayfinding kiosks in cities, tourist areas and shopping centres. PCAP touch screens work through gloved hands, allowing members of the public to use outdoor screens in cold weather.

Features and benefits of PCAP overlays

  • Engaging: Deliver memorable, interactive experiences that engage customers with your brand and increase revenue.
  • Secure: Use thick glass to protect the LCD screen from damage and theft. The screen has a long life and you receive the maximum return on investment.
  • Reliable: Use PCAP touch screens in heavy rain, dirty environments and hot and cold weather.  The touch screen has reduced downtime for maximum utilisation in all conditions.
  • Versatile: Use in indoor and outdoor locations. Ideal for public, industrial and commercial touch screens.

32 inch touch screen overlay technical specifications

Detection method

Projected capacitive using a 10-micrometre copper sensing array.

Size 32 inches (15 to 85 inches also available).
Glass thickness 2 millimetres to 10 millimetres. Glass thicker than 10 millimetres is available on request.
Number of touches

Multi-touch: 32 as standard. Up to 40 available on request.

Dual touch: 2.
Speed of response 6 to 8 milliseconds.
Controller board USB controller board. Specification depends on size of foil.
Operational temperature range -10°C to +60°C.

95% at +60°C.

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