Cat post that brings the outdoors indoors

Hicat® [Polecat]

Polecat is a floor-to-ceiling cat post for indoor cat climbing

Polecat is our floor-to-ceiling cat post.

It’s made-to-measure for ceilings 2220mm and higher.​

Hicat® Cat Post

  • 180mm diameter
  • have very small footprints but huge climbing area
  • are bespoke and made-to-order
  • made by hand using only quality materials
  • can be customised in terms of features and options
  • available in two coir finishes as standard
  • incredibly strong and long lasting
  • are very easy to install
  • come with a range of coordinated accessories

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Hicat® makes floor-to-ceiling cat posts that bring out the natural agility in cats to promote exercise, well-being and interactive play.

We wanted to give cats the opportunity to do what comes naturally - climb - but indoors, in safety, on something that is tree-like in scale that looked amazing.

Motivated by our cats' instinct to climb we started our own DIY project and came up with a simple one piece floor-to-ceiling cat post.

We continued experimenting with various shapes, sizes and materials, and finally got to a version of the Hicat® that we make in our London studio.

​Small floor foot-prints, huge climbing surfaces, a choice of durable finishes, shelf and feature options plus accessories allow you to create the perfect Hicat® indoor playground for your cat.

Hicat® cat trees mix contemporary form with cat friendly design - they are the only made-to-measure floor-to-ceiling cat towers in production.

Hicat® cat climbers are design registered, hand made to a very high standard, are incredibly strong and easy to install.

Please read our customer reviews to see what cats think of our cat post.

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