Hospital noise control sign for quiet zones and patient safety

hospital noise control [SafeEar]

Ensure a comfortable environment in your healthcare setting with the hospital noise control sign. The noise-activated sign lights up when sound levels exceed a set limit. Adjust the sound limit and brightness settings to suit your environment. Ideal for intensive care departments, neonatal wards, quiet zones and more.

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Improve patient well-being with hospital noise control signs

Research shows that excessive noise levels affect patient recovery. The SafeEar hospital noise control sign helps you reduce sound levels and improve patient and staff well-being.

Set a sound limit from 40 to 114 decibels. The automatic sign activates when noise levels exceed the set limit. The sign reminds people to keep noise levels within acceptable limits, which helps patients sleep and recover better.

You can connect up to four signs, so they all activate simultaneously. This allows you to control sound levels in a large area. Request custom text on each sign to cater for patients and staff who speak different languages. You can also choose from four standard designs:

  • Shhh! Quiet Zone
  • Caution High Sound Levels
  • Warning High Noise Levels
  • Hearing Protection Must Be Worn

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Features and benefits

Features Benefits

Adjustable trigger levels 40dB to 114dB

Set the noise-activated sign to come on when sound levels exceed the limit you set. Ideal for reminding staff of the need to be quiet and for controlling conversation in quiet places.
Adjustable brightness levels Choose from four LED brightness levels to make sure the sign can be seen clearly at night, indoors and in bright sunlight.
Four standards designs available

Choose the best sign for your ward, workplace or quiet zone:

  • Shhh! Quiet Zone
  • Caution High Sound Levels
  • Warning High Noise Levels
  • Hearing Protection Must Be Worn
Connect four signs together Ideal for large areas. You can connect up to three signs to a master sign, so they all activate at the same time.
Custom text and graphics Request custom text to suit your ward or hospital. Ideal for displaying noise warnings in different languages.
Optional data logging feature Upgrade your hospital noise control sign to record noise levels of the course of a day. Request Pulsar’s data logging software and USB data logging stick.

SafeEar noise level sign technical specifications

  • Trigger level: 40 to 114 decibels (A)
  • Frequency weighting A: To IEC 61672-1:2002
  • Time weighting Slow: To IEC 61672-1:2002
  • Data logging: USB data logger with 32,000 Samples of LAS
  • Size: 30 centimetres in diameter x 5 centimetres deep
  • Power: 12-volt mains power supply
  • Weight: 0.6 kilograms
  • Mounting: Wall

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