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Handheld sound meter from the leading sound meter supplier.
Professional decibel meter from an international sound meter supplier.
Shoulder-worn noise dosimeter from the leading sound meter supplier.
Nova decibel meter from the leading sound meter supplier.
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Protect workers and ensure your business complies with noise at work regulations. Pulsar Instruments is a sound meter supplier for industrial and environmental noise assessments. Benefit from long warranties, ongoing technical support and Pulsar’s 50 years of experience.

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Professional sound meter supplier

Pulsar Instruments has been helping companies around the world meet their legal requirements for over 50 years. The company’s noise meters help you identify loud locations and ensure you provide adequate hearing protection to workers. This protects staff from hearing damage, and it protects your business from expensive compensation claims.

By choosing Pulsar for your noise meters, you get affordable, robust and easy-to-use equipment. The range includes basic sound monitoring devices and professional, high-accuracy noise meters.

Choose the best class 1 or class 2 sound monitor for any application:

  • Workplace noise assessments
  • Construction noise measurement
  • Occupational and industrial hygiene
  • Entertainment noise measurement
  • Machinery noise testing
  • Vehicle noise assessments

The Pulsar Instruments range now includes other industrial-protection equipment, including hand-arm vibration meters, fever scanners, wearable noise dosimeters and more.

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Why choose Pulsar Instruments?

Excellent customer support Benefit from ongoing after-sales support. Pulsar Instruments provides technical help, servicing, recalibration and spare parts.
Long warranties Be confident in the reliability, longevity and accuracy of your equipment. Return your sound meter to Pulsar Instruments for annual calibration to get a seven-year warranty.
Over 50 years of experience Be confident that you’re getting a great product from a proven company. Pulsar Instruments has over 50 years’ experience as a professional sound meter supplier.

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