Reduce waste with the coolant vacuum tool

Coolant vacuum tool [Coolant saver]

Looking for a solution to waste CNC machine coolant? The coolant vacuum tool reclaims coolant from a swarf/waste bin and returns it to the machine. You reuse up to 50% of your coolant and reduce disposal costs by up to 90%.

Save money, reduce waste and help the environment.

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What is the coolant vacuum tool?

Wogaard’s aim is to reduce costs and waste in manufacturing industries. Connect the coolant vacuum tool to your CNC machine. Place the stainless-steel vacuum head in the bottom of a swarf bin. The vacuum reclaims coolant from the bin and returns it to the machine’s coolant reservoir.

The coolant saver kit is quick to install:

  • Multiple fitting kits are available, so the coolant saver equipment works on almost any CNC/cutting machine.
  • The coolant recovery system receives power from the machine’s coolant pump, so no extra power source is required.
  • The CNC coolant recycling system can be installed in 30 to 45 minutes. Wogaard also provides an installation service for large customers.

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Why choose Wogaard’s coolant saver kit?

  • Save money: Reuse up to 50% of your coolant and reduce disposal costs by up to 90%.
  • Make money: Clean swarf has a higher resale value.
  • Save time: Your employees spend less time emptying coolant from waste bins.
  • Improve your workplace: Reduce coolant leaks from waste bins.
  • Help the environment: Recycle coolant and use the coolant saver kit without an external power supply.

What’s included with the coolant vacuum tool?

  • Coolant saver unit
  • Vacuum head
  • Polyurethane hose: six-millimetre diameter and three-metres long (can be extended to 10 metres)
  • 1.5-metre, 12-millimetre hose outlet
  • T-fitting and straight-fitting kits
  • Instruction manual

Testimonials from users of the Wogaard coolant saver

Thousands of Wogaard products are in use all over the world, and the company has a wide base of happy customers. You benefit from industry-leading expertise, a one-year warranty and comprehensive technical support.


“There is no way we would go back to a shop floor without the coolant and oil savers fitted to our machines…. The swarf bins are clean and dry with material that is ready to be recycled.”

Progressive Technology:

“It is simple to use and…it has saved us a fortune.”

Seco Tools:

“The savings are significant and the return on investment is fast.”

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