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4 Digit IP Clock left view
Galleon 4 Digit IP Clock - Accurate and reliable Digital Clock

4 digit IP Clock to plug into your ethernet network providing accurate time throughout your business,  Integrated with 4 LED's

digital drive thru menu board at KFC
Digital Drive Thru menu board | Triple Screen Solution | Armagard Ltd

The digital Drive Thru menu board improves sales with a triple screen. The digital Drive Thru menu board creates a potential 8% increase

digital drive thru menu board enclosure in situ
Digital Drive Thru Menu Board Enclosure, Triple Screen Protection

Get the Most Out of Your Digital Drive Thru Menu Board Enclosure… The Digital Drive Thru Menu Board Enclosure is new to the

drive thru digital signage enclosure from armagard
Drive Thru Digital Signage Enclosure Protecting Digital Menu Networks

The Toughest Drive Thru Digital Signage Enclosure Around Protect Entire Drive Thru Digital Menu Networks with the Ultimate Enclosure

qsr outdoor digital signage enclosure
QSR Outdoor Digital Signage Enclosure for Fast Food Drive Thru Lanes

Quality QSR Outdoor Digital Signage Enclosure for Fast Food Drive Thru Lanes, delivered ready to install RELIABLE. ROBUST. RUGGED.

Portrait Flat Panel Enclosure
Portrait flat panel enclosure - outdoor and indoor digital advertising display

Portrait flat panel enclosure ideal as information boards or digital advertising displays. The Portrait enclosures can be positioned at

qsr outdoor digital signage front view with screen
QSR Outdoor Digital Signage | Entire Drive Thru Digital Signage Solution

QSR Outdoor Digital Signage An Entire Drive Thru Digital Signage Solution in One Place Reduce Your Average Service Time at the Drive

drive thru digital signage
Drive Thru Digital Signage | Full Menu service solution | Armagard Ltd

Go ‘Alfresco’ with Your Menu with Drive Thru Digital Signage Full service solution! Pre-sell, cross-sell and upsell

Network Digital Clock side
Galleon Network Digital Clock

Conduct your operations to the same schedule with the highly visible PoE (Power over Ethernet) network digital clock from

6 Digit NTP Clock main product shot
6 Digit NTP Clock - Galleon Digital wall mounted NTP Clock

Wall Mounted 6 Digit NTP Clock Incorporating two extra digits to display time in hours, minutes and seconds (HH:MM:ss) this NTP

Waterproof LCD Enclosure
Waterproof LCD enclosure - Outdoor weatherproof TV protection

Waterproof LCD enclosure - Protection of LCD screens in wet, outdoor environments. An aesthetic and presentable unit, the Armagard…

Plasma enclosure
Plasma enclosure - protection of your digital signage for Outdoor Harsh Environments

Plasma enclosure Designed to accommodate a large variety of commercial plasma displays ranging from 24" (61cm) to 70" (178cm).

LCD Monitor Enclosure
LCD Monitor Enclosure - LCD Monitor or TV protection for Outdoor Harsh Environments

Protect LCD monitors or small LCD TVs in outdoor, public or industrial environments with an LCD Monitor Enclosure. Designed to

Outdoor digital signage main image
Outdoor Digital Signage, 47

Outdoor digital signage Ideal as a customer service unit, as well as being designed at the optimum viewing height for Drive-Through…

Inova 6-Digit NTP Clock front view
Inova 6-Digit NTP Clock for Networks | Galleon Systems

The Inova 6-Digit NTP Clock is available in either (HH:MM:ss) or (HH:MM) formats. It is fitted with anti-glare plexiglass and available

Digital signage touch screen main image
Digital Signage Touch Screen - touch screen technology with Digital advertising in mind

Digital Signage Touch Screen Enclosure Providing a new method to communicate and attract new customers, the digital signage touch

Inova NTP wall clock front display
NTP Wall Clock - 4 Digit - Inova

NTP Wall Clock - 4 Digit The 4" 4 digit Ethernet NTP wall clock can be used to connect to a time source such as a Galleon NTP Time

Outdoor digital advertising display main image
Outdoor Digital Advertising Display 70

Providing a cutting edge, cost effective solution, your 70"-75" Outdoor Digital Advertising Display from Armagard will deliver a

Anti-glare totem digital signage main image
Anti-Glare Totem Digital Signage ideal for outdoor advertising

Showcasing Armagard’s 55" Anti-Glare Totem Digital Signage Unit which is capable of achieving screen brightness between 2,000 &

High Bright Portrait Enclosure main image
High Bright Portrait Enclosure safeguarding screens against sunlight

Armagard’s High bright portrait enclosure unit comes complete with a high-bright LCD screen (47" or 55" options available).

High Brightness LCD Screen
Armagard’s Landscape High Brightness LCD Screen

Featuring anti-reflective technology, Our landscape high brightness LCD screen unit provides clear screen visibility in areas where

6-Digit NTP clock left side
Galleon NTP Clock

Synchronize your operational efficiency with the smart and professional 6 digit PoE (Power over Ethernet) NTP clock from

Synchronised digital wall clock front
Inova Solutions 6 Digit Synchronised Digital Wall Clock

PoE Synchronised Digital Wall Clock Powered from a mains outlet and developed from an Aluminum body, the Galleon digital wall clock

Front view of GPS time receiver
GPS Time Receiver

The AC-400-GPS time receiver tracks up to 8 satellites to synchronise a single computer to UTC time in any location worldwide.…