Android displays for engaging advertising in retail and hospitality

Use Airgoo’s wireless Android displays to attract customers and boost brand awareness. Install the Android application of your choice.

Boost sales with plug and play retail digital signage

Engage customers and boost sales with retail digital signage. The MediaDisplay is an easy way of getting started with digital advertising.

Boost sales with wireless point of sale displays

Increase sales in your store with wireless point of sale displays. The all-in-one screens provide a complete digital signage solution. The

Digital signage player turns TVs into digital posters

The digital signage player turns any TV into a remotely managed digital poster. Connect the player to a screen and to the internet to

Easy digital advertising with cloud-based digital signage

Schedule your digital signage content from any location. The Airgoo cloud-based digital signage solution includes a wireless media player

Easy digital advertising with the Raspberry pi signage player

Turn any TV into a digital signage display. The Raspberry Pi signage player connects a screen to the internet, so you can show content from

Engage customers with a wireless digital poster

Benefit from easy digital signage in your business or organisation. 18-inch wireless digital posters are ideal for advertising or

Engaging touch screen promotions with the interactive kiosk

Use the interactive kiosk for advertising or information in your organisation. The interactive digital kiosk includes Airgoo’s MiniPlayer

Open frame monitor for vending machines and in-store displays

Create engaging coffee machines, vending machines and in-store displays. Airgoo’s open frame monitor is easy to integrate into retail

Professional digital signage software for Raspberry Pi

Benefit from user-friendly digital displays with Airgoo’s digital signage software. Load the software onto a Raspberry Pi to create your