Engaging touch screen promotions with the interactive kiosk

Interactive kiosk [18-inch InfoKiosk]

Use the interactive kiosk for advertising or information in your organisation. The interactive digital kiosk includes Airgoo’s MiniPlayer V4. The media player allows you to show and schedule content from your cloud-based account. Ideal for retail, restaurants, schools and colleges and more.

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Attract customers with an interactive kiosk in your business

The interactive InfoKiosk is a high-definition screen combined with wireless media player. Install it in customer-facing locations to engage people with interactive promotions.

The digital signage kiosk has two modes of operation:

  1. Normal digital signage mode: The screen shows video and image content like a normal digital display. The screen can show an invitation for customers to touch the screen for more information.
  2. Touch app mode: An app is triggered when a customer touches the screen. The customer can navigate through content stored on the InfoKiosk’s memory.

Your content can be stored on the interactive kiosk’s memory. This means it works without network connection, so your promotions are always visible and accessible to customers.

Touch screen digital signage powered by the MiniPlayer V4

The interactive kiosk includes Airgoo’s MIniPlayer V4. The media player connects the screen to the internet, so you upload content from a cloud account. You can schedule content quickly from any location.

The MiniPlayer V4 is highly secure. The software is factory integrated onto the player, and communication with the Airgoo server is encrypted. You can be confident that you’re always in control of what’s shown on your screens.

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Interactive digital kiosk technical specifications

Screen sizes 18 inches. Other sizes available on request.
Mounting Freestanding
Resolution High definition
Operating system Airgoo CMS with Android
Network connectivity WiFi and LAN (RJ45)
Built-in speakers Yes

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