6 Digit NTP Clock main product shot
6 Digit NTP Clock - Galleon Digital wall mounted NTP Clock

Wall Mounted 6 Digit NTP Clock Incorporating two extra digits to display time in hours, minutes and seconds (HH:MM:ss) this NTP clock

Novanex six digit ethernet digital wall clock front view
Ethernet digital wall clock for accurate time

Does your organisation require accurate time? Galleon is a leading Ethernet digital wall clock supplier. Ethernet clocks connect to a

BRG six digit ntp synchronized digital clock front view
NTP synchronized digital clock for time synchronization

Accurate and reliable NTP synchronized digital clock Synchronized and highly accurate, the time is automatically updated to ensure

Standalone dual time server
Standalone dual time server: GPS and MSF

Galleon Systems’ standalone dual time server can receive time signals from both GPS satellites and radio towers. The server uses a Linux

NTP Time server GPS
NTP Time Server GPS - Galleon NTS-6002-GPS

NTP Time Server GPS Hardware The NTP Time Server GPS NTS-6002-GPS Hardware has been upgraded to include a quad core CPU and reduce the

Radio NTP Time Server
Time Server - Rackmount Radio Time Server - NTS-6002-MSF

Time Server The NTS-6002-MSF radio NTP time server combines an MSF radio atomic time signal clock with an embedded Linux solid state

CD view of Unicast NTP Software
Unicast NTP Software to synchronise time on clients/servers

Unicast NTP Software is required to synchronise the time on Windows based PC's, workstations and servers across a network and uses unicast

NTP GPS Server NTS-4000 front view
NTP GPS server delivers synchronised time

Accurate time is crucial for lots of businesses and organisations. Galleon Systems manufactures an NTP GPS server for synchronised time. The

gps clock ntp server front view open
GPS clock NTP server for synchronised time

Precise and reliable Windows server stratum 1 GPS clock NTP server for large networks. True stratum 1 NTP time server GPS time reference

Reliable NTP servers NTS-6002 side view
Reliable NTP servers for synchronised time

Accurate time is essential for businesses to be profitable and for organisations to be effective. Reliable NTP servers receive the time from

Rackmount dual time server NTS-8000 front view open
rackmount dual time server for accurate time

A rackmount dual time server receives accurate time from a GPS and radio source. Galleon Systems rackmount NTP servers can fit into a 19

GPS NTP server appliance - NTS-4000 front view
GPS NTP server appliance provides accurate time

Does your business or organisation depend on synchronised time? A Galleon Systems GPS NTP server appliance receives highly accurate time

4 Digit IP Clock left view
Galleon 4 Digit IP Clock - Accurate and reliable Digital Clock

4 digit IP Clock to plug into your ethernet network providing accurate time throughout your business,  Integrated with 4 LED's that

Galleon Systems ethernet clock
Ethernet Clock

Conduct your operations to the same schedule with the highly visible ethernet clock from SignalClocks. Manufactured in the United Kingdom

NTP server time synchronization NTS-6002 front view
NTP server time synchronization for businesses

Does your business or organisation depend on NTP server time synchronization? Galleon Systems is a leading manufacturer of NTP time servers

Inova 6-Digit NTP Clock front view
Inova 6-Digit NTP Clock for Networks | Galleon Systems

The Inova 6-Digit NTP Clock (now known as the Novanex Solutions NTP clock) is available in either (HH:MM:ss) or (HH:MM) formats. It is

Six digit PoE clocks from signal clocks
PoE clocks for accurate time

Galleon provides a range of analogue and digital PoE clocks. Power over ethernet clocks are ideal for time synchronising your businesses

NTP time synchronization
NTP time synchronization software

NTP time synchronization software synchronizes the time on client PCs, workstations and Windows servers across a network using NTP.

GPS NTP server
Rackmount GPS NTP Server - NTS-4000-R-GPS

The NTS-4000-R-GPS GPS NTP Time Server combines a GPS receiver with an embedded solid state computer running Galleon Systems' proprietry,

6-Digit NTP clock left side
Galleon NTP Clock

Synchronize your operational efficiency with the smart and professional 6 digit PoE (Power over Ethernet) NTP clock from SignalClocks.

Dual Ethernet NTP Server front
Dual Ethernet NTP Server - Galleon NTS-6002-GPS-MSF

Dual ethernet NTP server NTS-6002-GPS-MSF dual ethernet NTP server is a highly accurate network timing device. The unit synchronises to

NTP server front
NTP server for GPS and radio time

Precise and reliable Windows Server Stratum 1 dual time source NTP Server for large networks. True stratum 1 NTP time server Dual time

GPS NTP appliance NTS-4000 front view
GPS NTP appliance for accurate time

A Galleon GPS NTP appliance receives highly accurate time from a GPS source. The network time protocol (NTP) server delivers that time to

Galleon GPS time server
GPS Time Server

A GPS time server synchronises time and provides a reliable stratum 1 response with 3,000 time requests per minute. The IP address can