The CASH Magnum Free-Flight | a penetrating bolt to stun animals

The CASH Magnum Free-Flight [5648RNS, 5648R]

The CASH Magnum Free-Flight is a penetrating bolt stun tool. It is operated with a trigger and comes in an easy-to-handle cylindrical design.

The tool generates maximum energy through the Free-Flight bolt.

The CASH Magnum Free-Flight range is available in - .25” calibre – only. It is designed to be used on heavy cattle, bulls and extremely heavy animals.

It includes a Stop-Fire feature which increases safety.

CASH Magnum Free-Flight - features

• Free-Flight bolt
• Operated with a trigger
• Ergonomic design
• Fast loading action
• Robust
• Reliable
• Can be used with a wide range of cartridges for different animal sizes
• Low maintenance costs
• CE compliant to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, C

CASH Magnum Free-Flight - products

CASH Magnum Free-Fight .25" The larger cartridges deliver a large force to stun larger animals. Six cartridges are available, covering a range of very light to extremely heavy animals.
CASH Magnum Free-Fight .25" SF This version of the CASH Magnum Free-Flight comes with a Stop-Fire mechanism. This increases the safety of the stun tool. It requires the user to simply rotate from the ‘Safe’ to the ‘Fire’ position when ready.

CASH Magnum Free-Flight - specifications

Description Calibre Product Weight Max Cartridge Product Code
CASH Magnum Free-Flight .25 .25" 2.7 kg 4.5 grain 5648RNS
CASH Magnum Free-Flight .25 SF .25" 2.8 kg 4.5 grain 5648R

CASH Magnum Free-Flight - cartridges

Calibre Colour Grain Energy (J) Suggested Uses

Product Code

(Tin 50)

Produce Code

(Box 1000)

.25" Pink 1.25 195 Young calves, piglets, lambs and kids 4121KA 7760
.25" Yellow 2 297 Small cattle, small pigs, ewes and goats 4121KB 7710
.25" Blue 3 355 Medium sized cattle, market pigs, horses and other large animals 4121KC 7757
.25" Orange 3.5 406 Heavy cattle and bulls, heavy pigs and large horses 4121KD 7748
.25" Black 4 522 Very heavy animals 7754T 7754
.25" Green 4.5 578 Extremely heavy animals 7725T 7725

The CASH Magnum Free-Flight stun guns have a reputation for being very reliable and effective.

The free flight bolt and robust, cylindrical shape provide maximum energy. The range of cartridges available is ideal for different sizes of animals.

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