CASH Magnum Concussion | stuns animals with a non-penetrating bolt

CASH Magnum Concussion [5654R, 5654RS]

The CASH Magnum Concussion is an extremely effective stun tool. The design combines a “blunt head” with the energy of.25” calibre cartridges.

This stun tool can be used with most animals, from piglets to extremely heavy animals, such as large bulls.

The power of the tool is aided by the free flight bolt which allows the full force of the cartridge to be transferred to the animal.

CASH Magnum Concussion - features

• Convex shaped concussion head
• Free flight bolt
• Trigger-fired operation
• Fast loading action
• Robust construction
• Reliable performance
• Can be used with a wide range of cartridges for different animal sizes
• Low maintenance costs
• CE compliant to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, CIP approved cartridges and ISO 9001 quality standard
• Supplied with cleaning tools and maintenance instructions

CASH Magnum Concussion - products

CASH Magnum Concussion .25" The CASH Magnum Concussion is the perfect tool for a diverse range of livestock. The proven design, durable construction and reliable cartridges ensure superior performance. The cartridges are available in six strengths, including the most powerful 6 grain Red cartridge.
CASH Magnum Concussion .25" SF The CASH Magnum Concussion tool has a Stop Fire feature which provides the highest level of user safety. The firing pin is prevented from impacting the cartridge and stops the tool from firing. This gives an additional layer of security to the user.

CASH Magnum Concussion -specifications

Description Calibre Product Weight Max cartridge Product Code
CASH Magnum Concussion .25" .25" 2.9 kg 6 grain 5654R
CASH Magnum Concussion .25" SF .25" 2.9 kg 6 grain 5654RS

CASH Magnum Concussion - cartridges

Calibre Colour Grain Energy (J) Suggested Uses

Product Code

(Tin 50)

Product Code

(Box 1000)

.25" Pink 1.25 233 Young calves, piglets, lambs and kids 4121KA 7760
.25" Yellow 2 301 Small cattle, small pigs, ewes and goats 4121KB 7710
.25" Blue 3 350 Medium sized cattle, market pigs, horses and other large animals 4121KC 7757
.25" Orange 3.5 415 Heavy cattle and bulls, heavy pigs and large horses 4121KD 7748
.25" Black 4 454 Very heavy animals 7754T 7754
.25" Green 4.5 515 Extremely heavy animals 7725T 7725
.25" Red 6 637 Exceptionally heavy animals 7705T 7705

The CASH Magnum Concussion uses a convex non-penetrating head to deliver a sharp blow to the cranium. The animal is made unconscious and ready for processing with minimal stress and suffering. This method is compliant with the religious requirements of halal because the animal is otherwise unharmed and can be bled.

The CASH Magnum Concussion is manufactured to the highest standards, with most precise tolerances, and using the finest materials.

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