CASH Special Standard
CASH Special | stuns animals using a penetrating bolt

The CASH Special stunning tool uses cartridges to fire a penetrating bolt to make an animal insensitive to pain before slaughtering. It has

CASH Magnum Concussion
CASH Magnum Concussion | stuns animals with a non-penetrating bolt

The CASH Magnum Concussion is an extremely effective stun tool. The design combines a “blunt head” with the energy of.25” calibre

CASH Magnum XL
CASH Magnum XL | stuns large animals with a penetrating bolt

The CASH Magnum XL is the world’s most powerful penetrating bolt stun gun. The bolt does not retract automatically after firing to give

CASH small animal tool
CASH small animal tool | stuns animals with a non-penetrating bolt

The CASH small animal tool is cartridge powered. The tool uses a non-penetrating bolt which automatically returns after firing. It comes

CASH Cowpuncher
The CASH Cowpuncher | penetrating stun tools for animals

The CASH Cowpuncher stun tool is designed specifically for cattle. It uses a unique mechanism which means it can be used without pressing a

CASH Magnum Auto trigger
The CASH Magnum Auto | penetrating bolt stun tool

The CASH Magnum Auto is a versatile, powerful, and easy to use tool. It features automatic bolt. This makes it ideal for busy meat

CASH Magnum Free-Flight
The CASH Magnum Free-Flight | a penetrating bolt to stun animals

The CASH Magnum Free-Flight is a penetrating bolt stun tool. It is operated with a trigger and comes in an easy-to-handle cylindrical

CASH Special Concussion
CASH Special Concussion | stuns animals with a non-penetrating bolt

The CASH Special Concussion tool from Accles & Shelvoke is powered by cartridges. A percussive force to the head using a non-penetrative