CASH Magnum XL | stuns large animals with a penetrating bolt

CASH Magnum XL [5657]

The CASH Magnum XL is the world’s most powerful penetrating bolt stun gun.

The bolt does not retract automatically after firing to give it maximum power. It uses 6 grain of .25” calibre red cartridge which produce 667 joules of energy. This powerful tool can stun the largest livestock, including large bulls, buffalo, bison, sows and boars.

The cylindrical shaped device is easy to operate and designed to withstand the greater performance pressures involved.

CASH Magnum XL - features

• Free-Flight bolt
• Powered by powerful cartridge
• Operated with a trigger
• Includes a Stop-Fire feature
• Fast loading action
• Robust
• Reliable performance
• Can be used with a wide range of cartridges for different animal sizes
• Low maintenance costs
• CE compliant to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, CIP approved cartridges and ISO 9001 quality standard
• Cleaning tools and maintenance instructions are included

CASH Magnum XL - products

CASH Magnum XL .25" SF The CASH Magnum XL can stun the largest farmed animals. The Free-Flight bolt does not automatically retract to deliver the strongest possible stun. The tool is suitable for use on large animals, such as bulls, very heavy sows and boars. It comes with a Stop-Fire mechanism, which requires the user to simply rotate from the ‘Safe’ to the ‘Fire’ position when ready.

CASH Magnum XL - specifications

Description Calibre Product Weight Max Cartridge Product Code
CASH Magnum XL .25" SF .25" 3.4 kg 6 grain 5657

CASH Magnum XL - cartridges

Calibre Colour Grain Energy (J) Suggested Uses

Product Code

(Tin 50)

Product Code

(Box 1000)

.25" Black 4 546 Very heavy animals 7754T 7754
.25" Green 4.5 561 Extremely heavy animals 7725T 7725
.25" Red 6 667 Exceptionally heavy animals 7705T 7705

The CASH Magnum XL is an advanced bolt stun tool by Accles & Shelvoke.

It uses the strongest materials and most advanced manufacturing techniques that have been rigorously tested to the highest standards.

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