CASH Special Concussion | stuns animals with a non-penetrating bolt

CASH Special Concussion [4002, 4122]

CASH Special Concussion (zoomed in right side view)
CASH Special Concussion (zoomed in view of the muzzle)
CASH Special Concussion (zoomed in view of the trigger)

The CASH Special Concussion tool from Accles & Shelvoke is powered by cartridges. A percussive force to the head using a non-penetrative bolt is used to stun the animal. The tool uses a convex head attached to the end of a captive bolt which automatically returns after firing.

It takes both .22” and .25” calibre cartridges and is the most versatile Concussion stun gun for a wide range of small to medium sized animals.

CASH Special Concussion - features

• Convex shaped blunt head
• Pistol-shaped frame
• Trigger-fired operation
• Automatic bolt return
• Fast loading action
• Easy extraction of cartridge
• Robust construction
• Reliable performance
• Available in .22” and .25” calibres
• Can be used with a wide range of cartridges for different animal sizes
• Low maintenance costs
• CE compliant to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, CIP approved cartridges and ISO 9001 quality standard
• Supplied with cleaning tools and maintenance instructions

CASH Special Concussion - product range

CASH Special Concussion .22” The CASH Special Concussion - .22” calibre - is suitable for poultry, lambs, pigs and small cattle. A range of cartridges is available. The cartridge fires the "blunt head" and hits the skull. This makes the animal unconscious
CASH Special Concussion .25” The CASH Special Concussion uses a larger .25” cartridge. It delivers a stronger stun than the .22” calibre.  The tool uses pink and yellow cartridges for lower power use. The ergonomic design ensures the tool is comfortable to use for long periods.

CASH Special Concussion - specifications

Description Calibre Product Weight Max Cartridge Product Code
CASH Special Concussion .22" .22" 3.0 kg 2.5 grain 4002
CASH Special Concussion .25" .25" 3.0 kg 2 grain 4122

CASH Special Concussion - cartridges

Calibre Colour Grain Energy (J) Suggested Uses

Product Code

(Tin 50)

Product Code

(Box 1000)

.22" Brown 1 76 Small animals and poultry 7505T 7505
.22" Pink 1.25 133 Young calves, piglets, lambs and kids 7585T 7585
.22" Purple 2.5 180 Small cattle, small pigs, ewes and goats 7565T 7565
.25" Pink 1.25 129 Young calves, piglets, lambs and kids 4121KA 7760
.25" Yellow 2 164 Small cattle, small pigs, ewes and goats 4121KB 7710

The pistol shaped frame ensures ease of use. The durable rubberised grip gives secure handling. The trigger fired mechanism allows quick loading and extraction of cartridges.

The CASH Special Concussion is manufactured in the UK using the finest materials, highest standards and most precise tolerances. The proven design is known for its versatility and durability around the world.

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