Professional digital signage software for Raspberry Pi

Digital signage software [Raspberry Pi software]

Airgoo cloud-based digital signage software solution.
Retail signage using Airgoo's digital signage software.
Airgoo digital signage software content management system.
Digital signage software easy content management system.

Benefit from user-friendly digital displays with Airgoo’s digital signage software. Load the software onto a Raspberry Pi to create your own media player. Airgoo’s software connects any TV to the internet and allows you to upload content from a web-based account.

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Professional digital signage software for businesses and organisations

Airgoo’s digital signage software helps you create user-friendly displays for advertising and information. The linux-based software can be loaded onto a Raspberry Pi and used for any application. Ideal for in-store advertising, waiting room displays, digital menu boards, electronic timetables and more.

Once loaded onto a Pi and connected to a display, the software allows you to show web-based content on the screen. You save money by turning any TV into a digital advertising display.


Cloud-based digital signage solution

The software gives you full access to Airgoo’s wireless digital signage management system:

  • Cloud-based media library: Upload, access and schedule content from any location.
  • Flexible scheduling: Set content to start and stop at certain times.
  • Templates: Easily design engaging digital advertising and information.
  • Touch screen management: Create animated, interactive touch applications.
  • Live map view: See the location and status of all your displays.
  • Real-time monitoring: See what’s showing on each display at any time.
  • User management: Set different levels of access for different people in the organisation.

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