Easy digital advertising with the Raspberry pi signage player

Raspberry Pi signage [MiniPlayer V6]

Turn any TV into a digital signage display. The Raspberry Pi signage player connects a screen to the internet, so you can show content from your Airgoo cloud account. The easy web interface allows you to change and schedule content from any location.

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Raspberry Pi signage player for engaging digital displays in your business

Airgoo’s Raspberry Pi digital signage player provides everything you need to show promotions or information on any screen.

Connect the player to a TV and to the internet. The player automatically connects to your Airgoo web account to show your content on the display. Your content is stored on your Airgoo cloud account, so you can update your digital signage from anywhere in the world.

Use your Raspberry Pi signage player for adverts and information in your organisation:

  • Retail promotions
  • Internal communications
  • Timetables and room booking information
  • Waiting room displays
  • Digital noticeboards
  • Digital menu boards

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