Android displays for engaging advertising in retail and hospitality

Android display [Wireless Android displays]

Wireless Airgoo Android Displays front, rear and side view.
Touch screen Android display front and rear view.
Open frame 10.1-inch Android display front view.
Open frame 10.1-inch Android display rear view.

Use Airgoo’s wireless Android displays to attract customers and boost brand awareness. Install the Android application of your choice. Ideal for retail promotions, digital menu boards and more. Choose from a range of sizes and request touch screen functionality. Also available in an open-frame design.

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Create engaging digital posters with wireless Android displays

Airgoo’s wireless Android display is designed for easy digital advertising in retail and hospitality.

  • Choose the ideal size for your business: 10.1, 14, 15.6, 17.3, 18.5 or 21.5 inches
  • Install the Android application of your choice: Use the display for image and video promotions or as an interactive kiosk.
  • Request a touch screen version: Attract customers with interactive promotions
  • Choose open-frame or closed-frame designs: Closed-frame displays can be used as a standalone screen mounted on a wall. Open-frame screens can be integrated into a vending machine.
  • Connect to a wireless network: All displays have WiFi. Some displays also have a LAN (RJ45) connection.

You can combine your Android display with the Airgoo MiniPlayer. The MiniPlayer connects the screen to the internet and allows you to upload content from a cloud account. You can schedule and change content quickly, from any location.

Easy advertising in any commercial or public location

Use a wireless Android display to engage customers and boost sales in your business. The screens are ideal for showing advertising and information:

  • Retail advertising
  • Point of sale displays
  • Waiting room notice boards
  • Reception message boards
  • Digital menu boards
  • Digital timetables

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Android display technical specifications

Screen sizes (inches) 10.1, 14, 15.6, 17.3, 18.5, 21.5
Mounting Wall mounted - VESA
Resolution High definition
Operating system Android
Network connectivity WiFi and LAN (RJ45)
Built-in speakers Yes

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