Carbon Dioxide scrubber

CO2 scrubber [CO2]

The Carbon Dioxide scrubber is part of Apex's range of air treatment systems that use a regenerative desiccant system to deliver clean and dry air. The CO2 scrubber provides carbon dioxide free air with dew points as low as -100°F (-73°C).

Further details of our Carbon Dioxide Scrubber


Output CO2 concentration of <1ppm>

Dew point as low as -73° C(-100°F)

Flow rates up to 99 litres/minute

Operating pressure of up to 10 bar (145psi)

Low power requirement

Easy Installation

Simple maintenance.

Using regenerative Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology our Carbon Dioxide Scrubber provides ideal performance, efficiency and reliability. Ultra dry air containing less than 1ppm of CO2 is delivered as required. The regenerative system uses adsoption to remove water vapor and CO2 from compressed air. CO2 containing air is directed into one of the two adsoprtion chambers, where the CO2 and nearly all of the water vapor is removed. A small portion of the scrubber's outlet gas is redirected back through the off-line desiccant chamber, purging it of the accumulated CO2 and moisture. The cycle alternates between the two chambers continuously.

Delivering up to 99 liter/minute of Carbon Dioxide free air the scrubber is ideal for supporting a range of applications. A Carbon Dioxide scrubber provides a lower power solution and offers a single integrated air treatment option that also removes  moisture from compressed air.

Each unit is supplied with a full particulate filtration system that removes particles down to 0.01µm in size. An external regulator is also supplied.

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