Dry Air Air Dryers

Dry Air series [DA Midi]

The Dry Air Midi is part of Apex's range of Air Dryers that use a regenerative desiccant system to deliver clean and dry air with dew points as low as -100°F (-73°C). The Dry Air series is split into three groups: The DA Mini, DA Midi and the DA Maxi.

Further details of the Dry Air series of desiccant air dryers


Dry Air with a dew point as low as -73° C(-100°F)

Flow rates up to 22 cubic meters/hour

Operating pressure of up to 10 bar (145psi)

Low power requirement

Easy Installation

Simple maintenance.


The Dry Air series uses a regenerative desiccant system to remove water vapor from compressed air. Wet air is directed into one of the two desiccant chambers,where nearly all of the water vapor is removed. A small portion of the laboratory air dryers outlet gas is redirected back through the off-line desiccant chamber, purging it of the accumulated moisture. The drying cycle alternates between the two chambers continuously.

The three size groups allow a wide range of applications to be covered without having to resort to under or over specified solutions. All units come complete with with inlet and outlet particle filtration and an outlet pressure regulator. Installation is simple, with all units begin designed for wall mounting. However mounting stands can be supplied if required.

The DA mini air dryer is designed to support single unit applications with a maximum output of 3 cubic meters per hour and includes a buffer tank to deliver a smooth supply of air.

The DA midi Air dryers are designed to support either high demand single applications or several low demand applications with a maximum output of 22 cubic meters per hour.

The DA maxi Air dryer is designed to support the most demanding of single or multiple applications with a maximum output of 103 cubic meters per hour.

System maintenance is very simple across the range with all regular maintenance parts being easily accessible.

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