Zero Air Generator

Zero Air Generator [ZA]

Zero Air Generator showing front panel with switch and pressure gauge

The Zero Air generator series from Apex produces clean, hydrocarbon free air. These Zero Air generators use catalytic combustion to produce flow rates of up to 80 liters per minute.

Further details of the Zero Air generator series


Hydrocarbon-free air to less than 0.01ppm

Low Power consumption

Space saving

Flows from 1 I/min to 80 I/min with no flow loss.

Maximum operating pressure of up to 147psi / 10 Bar

Simple Maintenance


Zero Air generators use specialised catalytic technology to produce a flow of hydrocarbon-free air with low power consumption and no mechanical parts. The Zero Air is designed to be a simple plug and play device. All that needs to be connected is power and both the air inlet and Zero Air outlet. Zero Air generators provide no impedance to air flow, what you put in is what you get out. Each model in the range is designed to handle a maximum flow rate for optimal hydrocarbon removal.

The Zero Air range is designed for constant use within laboratories and other applications. They operate by using catalytic combustion of hydrocarbons in a source of compressed air with minimum power consumption and no moving parts. The compact size of the Zero Air generators allows them to be positioned close to your application if desired.

Maintenance of a Zero Air generator is very easy. All service parts are located externally for easy access.


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