High-purity nitrogen generation package saves you time and money

Nitrogen generation package [Nevis and Munro]

Install a nitrogen generation package in your workplace to receive an uninterrupted supply of high-purity gas.

Get the ideal gas generator for your application. Choose from a range of flow rates, purity levels and installation options or request a bespoke solution.

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How does a nitrogen generation package work?

A nitrogen gas generator converts air into high-quality nitrogen that’s suitable for laboratory use. An air compressor sucks air into the generator. A filter removes contaminants and moisture. A sieve then removes carbon molecules, oxygen and any remaining moisture. You receive a constant supply of nitrogen whenever you need it.

You never have to buy bottled nitrogen again, which makes a nitrogen generator highly cost-effective. You also reduce delays, as you don’t have to wait for bottled gas to be delivered.

Why choose a nitrogen generation package from Apex?

  • Bespoke options: Create the ideal nitrogen generation package for you. Choose your generator’s flow rate, purity level, installation method, plumbing and more.
  • Integrated air compressors: Request your nitrogen generator with an integrated air compressor. Your generator functions as a standalone solution, and you don’t have to buy additional components.
  • Industry-leading purity levels: Receive up to 99.9995% pure nitrogen that’s ideal for laboratory use.
  • A one-year warranty: Be confident that your laboratory gas generator will operate reliably and efficiently, delivering maximum return on investment.
  • Ongoing technical support: Contact Apex Gas Generators at any time to request technical help and advice.

Technical specifications

As the leading nitrogen generator manufacturer, Apex provides a range of industrial and laboratory gas solutions that use pressure swing absorption (PSA) technology. Each version is available in a range of models, or you can request a custom design.

Nevis nitrogen generator:

Flow rates Six models available with flow rates of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 litres of nitrogen per minute
Purity Up to 99.9995% pure nitrogen
Output pressure 5.4 bar/80 pounds per square inch
Air compressor Available with integrated air compressor

Munro nitrogen generator:

Flow rates Five models available with flow rates of 15, 20, 30, 40 and 60 litres of nitrogen per minute
Purity Greater than 95%
Output pressure 7 bar/100 pounds per square inch
Air compressor Available with integrated air compressor

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