Scientific gas generators for on-site nitrogen, hydrogen and clean air

Scientific gas generators [All generators]

scientific gas generators - Munro nitrogen generator
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Use scientific gas generators to create high-purity gas and clean air whenever you need it. On-site gas generators are easy to install and use, and they’re more cost-effective than gas cannisters.

Ideal for any laboratory or scientific application that needs high-purity nitrogen, hydrogen and clean air.

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Features and benefits of scientific gas generators


Provides an uninterrupted supply of high-purity gas and air You never have to buy bottled gas again. You save money, and you improve workplace safety by not storing pressurised cannisters.
Easy to install, use and maintain Install scientific gas generators in any laboratory or industrial location. Many generators have castor wheels, for easy manoeuvrability. Some generators fit on a desk or workbench. Laboratory gas generators have a long life and servicing is easy.
Custom options available Apex Gas Generators can provide bespoke solutions that fit your exact requirements. Choose the type of gas, flow rate, output pressure and more. 
One-year warranty and ongoing technical support Your scientific gas generators operate reliably and provide a good return on investment over many years.

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The Apex scientific gas generators range

Nitrogen generators

  • Nevis: Provides up to 10 litres of nitrogen per minute. Available with or without an internal air compressor. Nitrogen purity is up to 99.9995%.
  • Nevis desktop: The smallest nitrogen generator available. Fits easily on a desk or workbench. Provides high-purity nitrogen at a rate of 0.2 litres per minute.
  • Munro: Available with or without an internal air compressor. Provides up to 60 litres of nitrogen per minute. Nitrogen purity is over 95%.

Hydrogen generators

A hydrogen laboratory gas generator provides a constant supply of high-purity hydrogen. Choose from a range of generators in different sizes. Hydrogen purity is up to 99.999%. Output rate is up to three litres of hydrogen per minute.

Multi-gas generators

Bespoke multi-gas generators supply different types of gas or multiple outputs of the same gas simultaneously. Contact Apex to discuss a custom solution that meets your requirements.

Total organic carbons (TOC) generator

The TOC generator removes total organic carbons from air. You receive ultra-dry air with less than one part-per-million of carbon dioxide. The TOC generator has a compact design that allows it to be mounted to a wall. The generator has an output flow rate of up to three litres of air per minute.

Zero air generators

A zero air generator removes hydrocarbons from air. The generator is designed for constant use in laboratories and other demanding applications. It uses catalytic combustion to remove hydrocarbons and can provide up to 40 litres of air per minute. The zero air generator has no mechanical parts and is easy to install and use.

Carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) air scrubbers

Air scrubbers remove CO and CO2 from compressed air. The air scrubber can be wall or stand mounted, so you can position it in the best location.

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