Reliable GPS NTP clock

GPS NTP clocks [Digital and analogue clocks]

GPS NTP clocks by Galleon Systems
GPS NTP clocks by Galleon Systems

Galleon Systems is a supplier and manufacturer of GPS NTP clocks. The NTP synchronised clocks can be connected to any internal or external NTP/SNTP network. There are no additional costs and the set up process is simplified. The clock can be powered using a PoE switch or a power injector. No additional wiring is required, which means installation and re-positioning of the clock is easy.

All of which makes it easy to synchronise and co-ordinate your time accurately, increasing your productivity and workflow.

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GPS NTP clock: Benefits

  • can be synchronized with any Network Time Server – NTP/SNTP.
  • can be configured from any PC connected to the network.
  • is powered through a PoE or a separate power adapter.
  • is available in 4 and 6 digits.
  • is visible from 23 metres.
  • is lightweight, low maintenance, and is easy to set up.
  • is CE certified.
  • has 12 months warranty and lifetime support service.

Galleon System offers:

  • Analogue clocks
  • 6 digit clocks (hours, minutes, and seconds) - Signal Clocks, Novanex Solutions, and BRG Precision
  • 4 digit clocks (hours and minutes) – Signal Clocks, Novanex Solutions, and BRG Precision

The GPS NTP clock is ideal for the following

  • Shipping hubs
  • Labs
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • Warehouses
  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Transportation hubs

GPS NTP clock: technical specifications

Signal Clocks four digit Signal Clocks six digit Novanex Solutions four digit Novanex Solutions six digit BRG Synchronised clock Analogue clock
Number of digits Four Six Four Six Four or six N/A
Digit height 100mm 100mm 100mm 45mm to 305mm 45mm to 305mm N/A
Visibility 23 metres 23 metres 50 metres 50 metres 50-188 metres 30 metres
Accuracy 500 milliseconds 500 milliseconds 200 milliseconds 200 milliseconds Depends on model +/- 0.5 seconds
Material Metal Metal Aluminium Aluminium Depends on model Plastic

163mm high x 400mm wide x 43mm deep

161mm high x 602mm wide x 43mm deep 150mm high x 300mm wide x 60mm deep 152mm high x 450mm wide x 56mm deep Depend on model 340mm diameter x 51mm deep
Product code CL44-R-M-NTP CL64-R-M-NTP ARC/HMS/ONT4BK ARC/HMS/ONT6BK Enquire for details ONTA12/BK

Galleon Systems has been providing accurate time and clocks for over 20 years. Thousands of organisations and companies trust Galleon for accurate clocks. These companies are diverse and include: Almac Group, Prudential Financial, Office of Fair Trade, Mitsubishi Bank and many more.

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