NTP PoE Wall Clock

A six-digit NTP PoE wall clock

In large organisations such as hospitals, schools, and businesses, it can be difficult to ensure everyone knows the correct time. Meetings, classes, and events rely on everyone working to a specific time. If people are late it can have a negative impact on the company. But, receiving accurate time can be difficult. Standard wall clocks can run at different times, causing disruption in the workplace.

Most wall clocks are inaccurate. If you set two clocks to the same time, after a week there could be as much as one minutes’ difference. Over several weeks this could change to as much as ten minutes. One solution is to constantly reset and synchronise every clock. However, in large organisations this can be time consuming and costly.

Fortunately, NTP PoE wall clocks provide the ideal solution for maintaining highly accurate and synchronised time.

NTP PoE wall clock NTP time server

A Galleon Systems NTP time server.

Network Time Protocol

An NTP PoE wall clock uses Network Time Protocol (NTP) to maintain accuracy and synchronisation. NTP is a computer algorithm that takes time from a single master source. It then distributes that time to all devices on a network. Most NTP systems receive time via an NTP time server that is hooked up to the computer network.

Accurate time is essential for all computer networks. It ensures they maintain security and that errors are prevented. This accurate time source is typically an atomic clock with the signal received via GPS or radio. NTP then checks all the devices, such as NTP PoE wall clocks, and continuously adjusts them to ensure they match the master time source.

Power over Ethernet

NTP PoE wall clocks are connected to a computer network using an Ethernet cable. Because of this, they don’t require batteries or a standard power supply. Instead, Power over Ethernet (PoE) provides both the data and power needed to run the clocks.

PoE is efficient, easy to install, and ensures clocks can maintain accurate time without losing power. You also won’t need to wire the clocks to a mains supply, as the Ethernet connection does the powering.

6-digit NTP PoE wall clock

A Galleon Systems 6-digit NTP clock.

PoE Clocks

Once it has been installed, a PoE clock can set itself by taking time directly from the NTP time server. This ensures that it runs off the same time as the atomic clock source. Then, all clocks within the same network will run off the exact same time as each other. Even during daylight saving time, the clocks can automatically set themselves to the right time.

An NTP PoE wall clock is the ideal solution for providing highly accurate and reliable time to businesses of all sizes.