Synchronised office clocks for businesses and organisations

Synchronised office clock from Galleon

Synchronised office clocks provide precise time throughout your business.

Knowing the right time is essential, especially in the workplace. Businesses depend on employees getting to work on time and on good punctuality throughout the day. However, working to accurate time is not easy. The clocks and watches that employees use may not be accurate. Ordinary clocks get slightly less accurate every day, which is called drift.

A few seconds of inaccuracy is not a problem, but when clocks drift for a long time they can become very inaccurate. This costs your business time and money. Staff are not as productive, meetings begin late and customers get poor service.

The problem with ordinary office clocks

One solution is to display one clock that everyone in the office can see. Employees can set their watches to this clock, so that everyone is working to the same time.

However, what if you have several offices? The clock in each office will drift and each department will work to a different time. To solve this, you need someone to regularly check and synchronise each clock, which is highly time consuming.

Synchronised office clocks: the perfect solution

The ideal solution is to use synchronised office clocks that receive time from an atomic clock source. These clocks display exact time throughout your premises. You benefit from synchronised business operations, improved time awareness and increased productivity.

Analogue radio synchronised office clock

Analogue radio clocks receive a radio transmission from an atomic clock source.

Types of synchronised office clocks

There are two types of synchronised office clock.

You could choose a radio atomic clock. Radio clocks receive a wireless radio transmission from an atomic clock. These clocks continually adjust themselves and automatically update. You can be certain that all your radio atomic clocks are displaying accurate, synchronised time all year.

Four digit synchronised office clock

Digital ethernet clocks are available with four or six digits.

The second option is to use an ethernet clock connected to a network time protocol (NTP) server. An NTP server receives accurate time from a radio, GPS or Internet source and delivers the time to your clocks and other network connected devices via ethernet connection. You benefit from precise time on every clock throughout your organisation.

Hundreds of ethernet clocks can be synchronised from a single NTP server and configured from a single PC. You don’t need to buy any additional computer hardware, which makes ethernet clocks a cost-effective way of displaying synchronised time in all your offices. Ethernet clocks are very convenient because they automatically update themselves.

With radio or ethernet clocks, you can be certain that everyone in your business or organisation is working to the same time, all the time.

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