Broadcast SNTP Client Software

Broadcast SNTP Client Software [TS/SNTP/xxx]

Software to synchronise the time on client PCs, workstations and Windows servers across a Network using SNTP.

TimeSync SNTP client software is required to synchronise the time on Windows based PC's, workstations and servers across a network and uses time broadcasted from an NTP Network Time Server at timed intervals.

What does 'Broadcast' mean?

Broadcast is the term used to describe communication where a piece of information is sent from one point to all other points. A broadcast time server periodically (specified by the user) sends the time to a list of clients (or a local address in which the clients 'listen' into). The clients can then distribute the time around their network.

Broadcast relies on a broadcast-enabled time server to forward the packets to all client subnets that have clients listening. There is no direct relationship between the clients and the server. This process is similar to tuning into a radio station. Each client receiving the broadcast adds no additional overhead on the server. The server sends out a single stream per broadcast and the same load is experienced on the server no matter how many clients are 'listening'.

Client servers, workstations and PCs running the TimeSync SNTP client software receive the broadcast time sent from the NTP Time Server against it's current system time. If there is a difference the TimeSync SNTP client will then automatically correct the system time so all network computers will be synchronised to UTC time.

Key Benefits

  • The correct time is synchronised across your network
  • Easy to set up - zero configuration, no complicated interface
  • Less 'stress' on network resources compared to a unicast client
  • Less expensive than unicast client software
  • Client software runs on Windows XP, 2000, NT, 95, 98, and 3.1

User Licenses for Broadcast SNTP Client Software

5 user license Code: TS/SNTP/05
10 user license Code: TS/SNTP/10
100 user license Code: TS/SNTP/100
200 user license Code: TS/SNTP/200
300 user license Code: TS/SNTP/300

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