Ethernet digital wall clock for accurate time

Novanex four and Six-digit clocks [ARC/HMS/ONT6BK & ARC/HMS/ONT4BK]

Does your organisation require accurate time? Galleon is a leading Ethernet digital wall clock supplier. Ethernet clocks connect to a network time protocol (NTP) server to display highly accurate time from a radio or satellite source.

Ethernet digital clocks are easy to mount and highly visible. They are available with four or six digits.

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What is an Ethernet digital clock?

An Ethernet digital wall clock connects to an NTP server via an Ethernet connection. The NTP server receives accurate time from a radio or satellite source and delivers that time to the clock. You can configure hundreds of ethernet clocks from a single NTP server, which allows you to display synchronised time in your offices, warehouses and more.

Ethernet clocks can also receive Power over Ethernet (PoE). If you don’t have a PoE capable switch then you can purchase a power adapter to connect your clocks to the mains supply. An Ethernet port is still required to connect your clocks to your network.


Ethernet digital wall clocks are ideal for a range of locations

Galleon’s clocks and NTP servers are used worldwide by companies such as Ford, Rolls Royce, HP, Shell and Vodafone, and are suitable for any location that needs accurate time, such as:

  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Transport hubs
  • Shipping depots
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Banks

Technical information

Two types of Ethernet digital wall clock are available:

  • Four digits (hours and minutes)
  • Six digits (hours, minutes and seconds)

Both types of clock are available with digit heights from 45mm to 305mm.

The Novanex Ethernet digital clock has a black aluminium casing, which protects the clock from damage. The clock has a highly visible red LED display and the display is protected by a tinted plexiglass window, which reduces light reflection.

  • Digit height: 45mm to 305mm
  • Visibility: up to 50 metres
  • Accuracy: 200 milliseconds
  • Material: Aluminium body and plexiglass window
  • Dimensions: Depends on digit height.
  • Product code: ARC/HMS/ONT4BK (four digit) and ARC/HMS/ONT6BK (six digit)

Novanex Ethernet clocks have a 12-month warranty and Galleon provides lifetime customer support.

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