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Galleon ethernet wall clock
Galleon ethernet wall clock

Does your business need accurate time to operate?

If so, you need a Galleon Systems Ethernet wall clock. Ethernet clocks ensure that operations are conducted at the correct time, greatly increasing workflow and productivity.

The clocks are low maintenance, easy to set up, and can be powered using Ethernet. They can be mounted anywhere on walls. This means you can place your clock in a place that is visible to staff, without having to worry about extra cables.

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Why use an Ethernet wall clock?

Ethernet clocks provide reliable time when connected to an NTP time server. This makes them ideal for:

  • Schools that need accurate time for exams and lessons.
  • Offices that have deadlines, meetings, and certain times for lunches and breaks.
  • Warehouses that need to adhere to strict manufacturing and logistical times.

Ethernet clocks can be easily mounted on any wall and can be powered using only Ethernet. This eliminates the need for an alternative power source, meaning you can place your timepiece in a place that is easily visible.

If you require accurate time, an Ethernet wall clock is essential.

The benefits of an Ethernet wall clock

  • Can be synchronised with NTP time, ensuring the time is highly accurate, consistent, and reliable.
  • Time is automatically updated.
  • An Ethernet cable can power the clock, eliminating the need for other power cables.
  • Hundreds of clocks can be configured from a single PC.
  • Ethernet clocks are available in analogue or digital.
  • Galleon provides lifetime technical support and a 12-year warranty.
  • Galleon Ethernet wall clocks are manufactured in the UK.

Specifications of each ethernet wall clock

SignalClocks 4 Digit IP Clock SignalClocks 6 Digit NTP Clock Novanex Solutions 4 Digit PoE Clock Novanex Solutions 6 Digit Network Clock BRG 4 and 6 Digit Synchronised Clock PoE Analogue Clock
Dimensions (height x width x depth) 162mm x 405mm x 44mm 162mm x 600mm x 44mm 150mm x 300mm x 60mm 152mm x 450mm x 56mm Dependent on digit heights 340mm diameter x 51mm depth
Viewing Distance Up to 23 meters Up to 23 meters Up to 50 meters Up to 50 meters 50 to 188 meters 30 meters
Accuracy +/- 0.5 seconds +/- 0.5 seconds +/- 0.5 seconds +/- 0.5 seconds Varies depending on model +/- 0.5 seconds
Operating Humidity 0% to 85% 0% to 85% 0% to 95% 0% to 95% Varies depending on model 0% to 95%
Construction Steel Steel Aluminium or plastic Aluminium or plastic Varies depending on model Plastic
Display format 12 or 24 hour format 12 or 24 hour format 12 or 24 hour format 12 or 24 hour format 12 or 24 hour format
Digit height 100mm (4”) 100mm (4”) 100mm (4”) 45mm to 305mm 45mm to 305mm
Display 7 segment red LED 7 segment red LED 7 segment red LED

Super bright 7 segment red LED


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If you require accurate time from a source that’s easy to operate, maintain, and manufactured with over 20 years’ experience, you need a Galleon Systems Ethernet wall clock.

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