GPS Time Server

GPS time server [NTS-4000-GPS-R]

Galleon GPS time server
Galleon GPS time server

A GPS time server synchronises time and provides a reliable stratum 1 response with 3,000 time requests per minute.

The IP address can either be automatically configured by DCHP or a static IP address can be entered manually.

Display necessary run-time information for the NTP subsystem on a backlit screen, the unit also supports NTP software and acts as a secure shell.

Whilst an active 12 channel GPS antenna is fitted externally and sealed to IP65, protecting against water and dust ingress.

GPS time server

As professionals in the market, Galleon understand the unique needs of small to medium sized multinational companies and have developed the flexible and accurate NTS-4000-GPS-R.

Designed for a 19” rack but with a depth of 164mm, the Galleon time server is an efficient space saving unit that can synchronise thousands of clients.

By providing such cost-effective solutions for network time, Galleon has developed an impressive customer base with organisations such as The Ministry of Defence, Vodafone, and Ford trusting us with their synchronisation.

Combining support from a GPS clock with an embedded solid state computer for redundancy, the Galleon NTS-4000-GPS-R is easily installed and operated.

Issued with lifetime technical support and an efficient space saving design, Galleon provides a comprehensive and easy solution for secure time networks.

What’s included with the GPS time server?

  • NTS-4000-GPS-R unit
  • Manual
  • Power cable
  • NTP software
  • Junction box
  • IDC cable tool
  • GPS mushroom antenna with a 10m/8 core cable
  • 6 years warranty

Optional extras include:

  • Lightning arrestor
  • Gold and premium service
  • Digital wall clock – ethernet powered
  • Antenna cable – available from 100 to 1,000 metre rolls
  • Additional power supply – recommended from 550 metres onwards
  • TimeSync SNTP client software – user licenses available from 5 to 300+
  • TimeSync NTP uni-cast software – user licenses available from 5 to 300+

GPS time server specifications

Display LCD with backlight
Operating system Proprietary OS (PIC Chip)
Mount Rack

Network: +/- 5 milliseconds, typical

GPS: <1>
Power supply universal 85-260V, 47-63Hz
NTP time requests Up to 57 per second
Power consumption 8 Watts
Properties Powder coated steel

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