NTP Synchronisation

NTP synchronisation [NTS-6002-GPS-MSF & NTS-8000-GPS-MSF]

NTP synchronisation servers receive accurate time from both a GPS and radio source, ensuring that the time sent to your computers and clocks is reliable and exact. This ensures operations can run on exact time.

Accurate and reliable time is essential for a wide range of businesses and applications. Offices, banks, and schools all need accurate time to run effectively.

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What is NTP synchronisation?

NTP time severs can receive accurate time from a GPS (satellite) and MSF (radio) source, ensuring the time they send to computers and clocks is reliable and accurate.

To receive accurate time, place your radio antenna either inside or outside and your GPS antenna outside. Your GPS antenna and radio antenna can then pick up the time signal from 12 satellites and the nearest radio tower, respectively.

An additional extension kit can be provided, meaning you can place the antennas 1000m away from the server. This means you can place the antenna in the most convenient place.

The NTP time server provides the most accurate and reliable time possible by using ethernet.

NTP time servers are ideal for:

  • Offices
  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Transport hubs
  • Factories
  • Schools
  • Warehouses

NTP synchronisation tools available

Galleon Systems has worked with major companies to ensure they receive accurate time, including Vodafone and Ford.

There are two models of NTP time server on offer:

  • NTS-6002 – Uses a Linux operating system and supplies synchronised time to two networks
  • NTS-8000 – Uses a Windows operating system and supplies synchronised time to six networks

Both are available with a six-year warranty and lifetime customer support.

NTP synchronisation server specifications

NTS-6002 NTS-8000


GPS antenna

Radio antenna

GPS antenna

Radio antenna
Timing accuracy Network: ± 10 milliseconds, typical
GPS: <1>
Network: ± 12 milliseconds, typical
GPS: <1>

NTP time requests

>500,000 requests per minute >3,000 requests per minute

Supported networks

Two networks Six networks


19 inch rackmount 19 inch rackmount

Dimensions (height x width x depth)

45mm × 425mm × 309mm

Operating system

Linux Windows


NTP: v2 (RFC 1119), v3 (RFC 1305), v4 (RFC 2131)
SNTP: v3 (RFC 1769), v4 (RFC 2030)
NTP: v2 (RFC 1119), v3 (RFC1305), v4 (RFC 2131)
SNTP: v3 (RFC 1769), v4 (RFC 2030)
Network interface Standard 10/100/1000 Base-T, Dual RJ-45 Network Connections Multiple (up to 6) RJ-45 Network Connection 10/100 MBit
Product code NTS-6002-GPS-MSF NTS-8000-GPS-MSF

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