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Galleon Systems is a leading internet connected wall clock supplier.

Internet wall clocks are ideal for businesses that need accurate time. They ensure that operations are conducted at exactly the right time, which greatly increases productivity in the workplace.

They can be connected to a public or private NTP server, giving you the choice over where the clock synchronises time from.

The company provides a wide range of digital clocks, including brands such as Novanex Solutions and SignalClocks.

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What is an internet connected wall clock?

An internet connected clock can be synchronised with a public time server or a private NTP server to achieve accurate time.

A public NTP time server has the benefit of being free, but you’re restricted by your internet access. This means that if your internet connection fails, your clock can’t receive accurate time.

A private NTP time server is part of your network, meaning it doesn’t require internet access. This makes it a more reliable and effective method of synchronising your wall clock.

Whichever NTP time server you synchronise your wall clock with, accurate time is ideal for:

  • Schools that need to start and end exams on time.
  • Warehouses that need to manage logistics on time.
  • Offices that need to know exactly what time breaks and lunches are.

The benefits of a Galleon internet connected wall clock

  • Synchronise with NTP time, making them highly accurate, consistent, and reliable.
  • Can be synchronised with a public or private NTP time server.
  • Time is automatically updated.
  • Available in analogue or digital with a range of features and in different sizes. You’re certain to find the right clock for you.
  • Lifetime, after-sales technical support is provided.
  • 12-year warranty included.
  • Each clock is manufactured in the UK.

The types of internet connected wall clock available

Galleon can supply the following clocks:

SignalClocks 4 Digit IP Clock

SignalClocks 6 Digit NTP Clock

Novanex Solutions 4 Digit PoE Clock Novanex Solutions 6 Digit Network Clock BRG 4 and 6 Digit Synchronised Clock PoE Analogue Clock
Dimensions (height x width x depth) 162mm x 405mm x 44mm 162mm x 600mm x 44mm 150mm x 300mm x 60mm 152mm x 450mm x 56mm Dependent on digit heights 340mm diameter x 51mm depth
Viewing Distance Up to 23 metres Up to 23 metres Up to 50 metres Up to 50 metres 50 to 188 metres 30 metres [DW1] 
Accuracy +/- 0.5 seconds +/- 0.5 seconds +/- 0.5 seconds Up to 1 second per year

Varies depending on model

+/- 0.5 seconds
Operating Humidity 0% to 85% 0% to 85% 0% to 95% 0% to 95%

Varies depending on model

0% to 95%
Construction Steel Steel Aluminium or plastic Aluminium or plastic

Varies depending on model

Display format

12 or 24 hour format

12 or 24 hour format

12 or 24 hour format

12 or 24 hour format

12 or 24 hour format

Digit height 100mm (4”) 100mm (4”) 100mm (4”) 45mm to 305mm 45mm to 305mm
Display 7 segment red LED 7 segment red LED 7 segment red LED Super bright 7 segment red LED Red LED

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