PoE clocks for accurate time

All digital and analogue PoE clocks [All digital and analogue PoE clocks]

Galleon provides a range of analogue and digital PoE clocks. Power over ethernet clocks are ideal for time synchronising your businesses operations, boosting productivity and increasing time awareness.

Galleon’s ethernet clocks are easy to install, highly visible and reliable. They provide accurate time via an ethernet connection and are synchronised to a NTP server for ultimate accuracy.

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A range of PoE clocks are available

The following ethernet wall clocks are available:

  • Four-digit digital clocks (hours and minutes)
  • Six-digit digital clocks (hours, minutes and seconds)
  • Analogue clock

Digital PoE clocks

Digital PoE wall clocks use red LED displays to make the time easily visible. The digital clocks are available in a range of display sizes, from 45-305mm high. They are ideal for small and large locations.

The digital clocks feature a tinted Perspex or plexiglass window, which reduces glare and makes the display easily readable.

Analogue PoE clocks

Analogue ethernet clocks have the appearance of a traditional clock, but still provide the accuracy of a modern synchronised clock.

The clock can be seen from 30 metres away. The time is accurate to within +/-0.5 seconds.

PoE clocks are suitable for a variety of locations

PoE clocks are easy to install. Simply connect the clock to your network via an ethernet port. No additional electrical wiring is required, which allows you to position the clocks exactly where you want them.

If you do not have access to an ethernet switch, then a separate power adapter is available, so you can power your clocks from the mains supply.

Digital and analogue clocks from Galleon operate reliably in a range of temperatures, which makes them ideal for hot and cold environments. Ethernet clocks are synchronised to an NTP server for the utmost accuracy, so that everything in your business runs on time.

Galleon clocks are suitable for the following locations:

  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Transport hubs
  • Shipping depots
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Banks

Galleon has over 20 years’ experience in manufacturing and supplying network time protocol hardware and software. Galleon’s products are used worldwide by companies such as Ford, Rolls Royce, Shell, HP and Vodafone.

PoE clocks technical specifications

Signal Clocks four digit Signal Clocks six digit Novanex Solutions four digit Novanex Solutions six digit BRG Synchronised clock PoE analogue clock
Number of digits Four Six Four Six Four or six N/A
Digit height 100mm 100mm 100mm 45mm to 305mm 45mm to 305mm N/A

23 metres

23 metres

50 metres 50 metres 50-188 metres 30 metres
Accuracy 500 milliseconds 500 milliseconds 200 milliseconds 200 milliseconds Depends on model +/- 0.5 seconds
Material Steel Steel Aluminium Aluminium Depends on model Plastic

Dimensions (height x width x depth)

163mm x 400mm x 43mm 161mm x 602mm x 43mm 150mm x 300mm x 60mm 152mm x 450mm x 56mm Depends on model 340mm diameter x 51mm deep
Product code CL44-R-M-NTP CL64-R-M-NTP ARC/HMS/ONT4BK ARC/HMS/ONT6BK Depends on model ONTA12/BK

All clocks have a 12-month warranty and lifetime support.

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