Radio Analogue IP Clock

Radio-controlled Analogue Clock [Analogue Clock]

Analogue radio IP Clock front display

Radio-controlled IP Clock

Receiving a radio time signal, as used by the speaking clock, transmitted by the National Physics Laboratory from Cumbria. The IP clock shows the absolute correct time, correcting automatically from Summer and Winter time changes.

Want Accurate Time Within 1 Second For The Next 1,000,000 Years?

The stylish, Radio Analogue IP Clock ‘stands the test of time,’ capable of keeping accurate time to within 1 second for 1,000,000 years.


Receiving a radio time signal, as used by the Speaking Clock, transmitted by the National Physical Laboratory from Anthorn Radio Station in Cumbria 24 hours a day, the Atomic Radio Clock (ARC) maintains accurate time and adjusts automatically to account for summer and winter hour changes. The clock operates in accordance with the UTC timescale.


Accurate time across Europe

The Atomic Radio Clock can receive the DCF signal broadcast from Frankfurt, Germany. The signal covers the whole of Germany and has an additional range of 1500km, covering much of Central and Western Europe, including the UK, Belgium, Denmark, Northern Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands.


‘Set it and forget it’


The Radio Analogue IP Clock is a ‘set it and forget it’ device with a fully automatic time setting feature. It’s very low maintenance and suitable for any workplace, including quiet environments because of its virtually silent second hand sweep movement, which makes the clock barely audible.


PoE IP clocks can be synchronised with any Galleon unit with the product code NTS or TS

Product specifics

Available in 12”, 15” and 22” diameters, the pro Radio Analogue IP Clock has a clear display dial with black printing set on a white background. Dial hands are protected by a shatterproof front lens, encased in an aluminium surround available in Black, White and Chrome.


The Radio Atomic Clock is powered by one AA battery [supplied as standard], with battery changes recommended approximately every 2 years. For optimum visibility, the clock should be wall hung.


For your peace of mind, the clock comes complete with 12-month warranty coverage and a full technical support service is available. Order yours online, today!

Key benefits for the IP clock include:

Fully automatic time setting.
Automatic correction for Summer / Winter time.
Radio controlled time signal from Rugby Cumbria by the National Physics Laboratory.
12", 15" and 22" diameter clocks.
Accurate to 1 second in 1,000,000 years

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