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MSF Radio Antenna [MSF Antenna]

Radio Receiver with D-type connector
View of radio receiver with mounting kit
View from the left of the radio receiver
IP65 radio receiver
View from the front of the radio receiver

Reliable IP65 MSF Radio Receiver

The radio receiver is designed to process the radio time signal hosted in Anthorn, Cumbria, UK. The time signal is then sent to Galleon NTP servers, network time servers and time receivers.

Antenna for the DCF (German), and WWVB (North American) radio time signals are also available.
The standard Galleon Systems radio receiver housed in a waterproof (IP65) casing. Receives, decodes and processes the amplitude modulated time signal transmitted from the NPL transmitter in Anthorn, Cumbria, UK.


Key Benefits

  • Receives the amplitude modulated time signal from the NPL transmitter in Anthorn, Cumbria, UK
  • High Sensitivity unit
  • Weatherproof unit for external mounting
  • 5m of included cable with option to extend it

Technical specification for Radio Receiver

Signal MSF; 60kHz (DCF and WWVB also available)
Operating temperature range -25°C - 70°C
Power supply 5 - 30V
Power consumption 5 - 30V
Reception sensitivity 10 - 50µV/m typical 30µV/m
Output current 20mA

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