Secure NTP time server appliance

GPS NTP time server [NTS-8000-GPS]

NTP time server appliance

Galleon Systems offers an NTP time server appliance. The server provides a reliable and secure method of receiving and synchronising accurate time within your business. The GPS server operates from inside the perimeter of your firewall, provides accurate time to six independent networks, and doesn’t breach your cyber security.

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Benefits of NTP time server appliance

  • Secure stratum 1 NTP time server
  • Tracks 12 satellites for increased precision
  • Support for NTP v2, NTP v3, NTP v4 and SNTP compatible clients
  • Supports both TCP/IP networks
  • Six RJ-45 ethernet interfaces 10/100/1000 Mbit, so can provide time for six independent networks
  • Configured across networks via pre-installed software, TimeSync
  • Can handle up to 3,000 NTP requests per minute, per port. Ideal for large networks
  • MD5 authentication for advanced security
  • Able to peer with other NTP time servers for enhanced synchronisation security
  • Front panel display for time, and satellite and radio time status
  • SNTP and NTP protocol support
  • Syslog error reporting

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The NTP time server

The system is made up of the GPS antenna and a 19-inch server with a Windows-based operating system. The antenna can be mounted 1,000m away from the server unit (using the appropriate extension).

NTP time server appliance includes the following

  • NTS-8000-GPS unit
  • GPS antenna (with 10m/8 core cable and IP65 ratio)
  • Power lead
  • NTP TimeSync software
  • Instruction manual on a USB stick


  • Extended antenna cable (100 to 1,000 metres)
  • Junction box (to extend antenna cable)
  • IDC cable tool (to insert cable in the junction box)
  • Additional antenna power supply (recommended from 150 metres onwards)


  • Gold and Premium support package
  • Digital wall clock
  • Lightning arrestor
  • Additional software licence (5 to 300+ clients)

Galleon Systems

Galleon Systems has over 20 years of international experience in providing network time servers, time synchronisation, and network clocks. Galleon Systems’ products are used by Buckingham Palace, 3M, Rolls-Royce, Vodafone, Tesco, Ford, Bank of England, Sharp, Kellogg’s, Shell, and many more.

Galleon System offers:

  • Six-year warranty
  • Lifetime support
  • FCC certificate
  • CE certificate

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