MSF Time Server

TS-700-MSF Network Time Server [TS-700-MSF]

MSF Time Server view of front display
MSF Time Server view of front display 2
overview of MSF Time Server

Accurate MSF time server with remote antenna (IP65) and Time-Sync NTP software to synchronise the time on a Windows PC and other compatible machines across the network using Galleon Systems Time-Sync NTP client.

TS-700 MSF Network Time Server

The software conforms to the Network Time Protocol (NTP) and can be set up as a Stratum 1 NTP Time Server.

The TS-700-MSF atomic radio time controlled computer clock is a mains powered unit and has a remote radio (MSF )antenna. The antenna is fully weatherproof and can be mounted up to 200m (600 ft) away from the TS-700 clock. The TS-700 unit has an LCD screen to display the time and signal strength and connects to a computer via a serial interface (USB optional).

Key Benefits

  • Consistent and Reliable Timing
  • Screen with signal strength and synchronised time
  • Quick and Easy Readings from the LCD Display
  • Quick and User Friendly Set-Up
  • Accuracy ±20ms
  • Battery powered
  • Three year warranty

Technical specification for TS-700 MSF Time Server

TS-700 Dimensions (mm) 73 (H) x 124 (W)x 29 (D)
Construction Plastic
Antenna Extenal Radio receiver for the MSF Signal
Power Supply 85-260V, 47-63Hz
Protocols SNTP via Time-Sync
Connections RS232 Serial Interface
Display 2 line LCD
Requests Per Minute Dependent on Hardware
Operating Temperatures 0-50°C (32-122°F)
Humidity Max. 85%
Mount Stand Alone
Function Win -> Stratum 1
Network Accuracy Network: +/- 20 Milliseconds, Typical
MSF: <2>
Security System Error Logging

What's in the box

  • TS-700-MSF clock + power supply
  • MSF Antenna
  • Instruction Manual
  • NTP Software CD
  • Junction Box (to extend antenna cable - if necessary)
  • IDC Cable Tool (to insert extension cable into the junction box- if necessary)

Additional Extras

The following products are also available for use with the TS-700-MSF :

  • Gold and Premium Support Packages
  • RS232 to USB convertor
  • Digital Wall Clocks
  • Antenna Cable (100 to 1,000 metre rolls available)
  • Additional Power Supply (Recommended from 150 metres onwards)
  • Additional Software Licenses (available from 5 to 300+ clients)

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