Unicast NTP Software to synchronise time on clients/servers

Unicast TimeSync NTP Software [TS/NTP/xxx]

CD view of Unicast NTP Software

Unicast NTP Software is required to synchronise the time on Windows based PC's, workstations and servers across a network and uses unicast time requested from an NTP Server.

What does 'Unicast' mean?

Unicast NTP Software - Unicast is the term used to describe communication where a piece of information is sent from one point to another point. A unicast client is a device that sends a request to a time server at a specific address. A reply is then sent and the NTP unicast client determines the time, accounting for any delays and offsets.

Unicast NTP Software uses IP delivery which, for the NTP protocol, is the session-based User Datagram Protocol (UDP). Each unicast client that connects to the server takes up additional bandwidth. For example, if you have 10 clients requesting the time using 256 bytes (128 bytes x 2), those clients as a group are taking up 2560 bytes (2.5 Kb). If you have only one client playing the 256 bytes, only 256 bytes are being used.

Client servers, workstations and computers running the TimeSync NTP client software will request the time from the NTP Time Server via a number of time stamps to determine signal lag. The time is adjusted taking the lag into consideration, checked against the current system time and if there is a difference the TimeSync NTP Client will correct the system time so that all computers will be synchronised to correct UTC time.

Unicast NTP Software Key Benefits

  • Correct time synchronised across your network using NTP
  • High accuracy - time stamping on 'send'
  • Auditable - event log and file logging options
  • Secure - locked to an IP address

User Licenses for the Unicast NTP Software:

5 user license Code: TS/NTP/05
10 user license Code: TS/NTP/10
100 user license Code: TS/NTP/100
200 user license Code: TS/NTP/200
300 user license Code: TS/NTP/300

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