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Waterproof industrial computer enclosure main image
Waterproof Industrial computer enclosure | Stainless steel enclosure | Armagard

IP65 Widescreen, Waterproof Industrial Computer Enclosure for wet environments the SENC-400 PC enclosure makes writing and editing easy

Waterproof PC Enclosure main image
Waterproof PC Enclosure | Heavy Washdown Computer and Screen Protection

IP66 Waterproof PC Enclosure for Heavy Wash Down Environments The SENC-900 Waterproof PC Enclosure is designed to protect entire

Waterproof printer enclosure
Waterproof Printer Enclosure | IP65 Protective Enclosure for Printers

Stainless Steel Label Printer Enclosure for Wet and Hostile Environments Armagard's 100 series Waterproof printer enclosure is the

waterproof monitor enclosure
Waterproof Monitor enclosure - LCD Monitor/TV protection from water or washdown environments

Protect LCD monitors or TVs in outdoor, damp or wet environments. Designed to accommodate 17" to 24" LCD Monitors or screens…

compact waterproof enclosure SENC-300
Compact Waterproof Enclosure | Computer and TFT Screen Protection | Armagard

IP56 Waterproof Computer Enclosure for TFT LCD screens and thin-client PCs The SENC-300 compact waterproof enclosure is designed to

Waterproof computer enclosure with keyboard tray and wedge keyboard
Waterproof Computer Enclosure | IP65 Watertight Computer Protection

The SENC-700 Waterproof Computer Enclosure is designed to protect tower or desktop PCs and LCD screens up to 19" from wet hostile

Waterproof LCD Enclosure
Waterproof LCD enclosure - Outdoor weatherproof TV protection

Waterproof LCD enclosure - Protection of LCD screens in wet, outdoor environments. An aesthetic and presentable unit, the Armagard…

Waterproof Touchscreen enclosure main image
Waterproof Touchscreen Enclosure IP65 & Integrated Touchscreen Monitor

Sealed to IP65 and manufactured from food grade stainless steel, the SENC 750 Waterproof Touchscreen enclosure is designed to

Waterproof outdoor TV enclosure
Waterproof outdoor TV enclosure. The ideal solution for your outdoor TV requirements.

Duratek Solution presents the ideal solution for your outdoor TV requirements. The waterproof outdoor TV enclosure protects your

Waterproof Outdoor TV Enclosure
Waterproof Outdoor TV Enclosure

Providing superior protection, the waterproof outdoor TV enclosure enables you to bring your indoor TV ouside, safely. This high

outdoor TV for pool area
Get an outdoor TV for pool areas with a waterproof TV enclosure.

Install an outdoor TV for pool areas using the waterproof TV enclosure. The outdoor TV will help enhance the pool experience and

Stainless Steel PC Enclosure
Stainless Steel PC Enclosure | Waterproof Computer and Screen protection

IP65 Stainless Steel PC and Monitor Enclosure for Wash Down Environments Our SENC-800 Stainless steel PC enclosure is designed for

IP65 printer protection
IP65 Printer Protection | Waterproof Printer Cabinet

IP65 Printer Protection Armagard's 400 series printer enclosure provides IP65 printer protection and is the perfect method for

Stainless Steel printer enclosure
Stainless Steel Printer Enclosure | Versatile Waterproof Printer Enclosure

Flexible and Versatile Floorstanding IP65 Waterproof Printer Enclosure Armagard's 700 series floor standing stainless steel printer…

Waterproof touch screen PC main image
Waterproof Touch Screen PC enclosure with integrated 21.5

Don’t pull off that glove! Armagard’s Waterproof Touch Screen PC incorporates a large 21.5" touch screen monitor that is easily…

Slimline Intrinsically Safe Enclosure product main image
Slimline Intrinsically Safe Enclosure for Zone 2 Explosive Areas

Armagard's slimline intrinsically safe enclosure is an alternative to air-purged systems and allows the use of conventional computers

Compact Waterproof Touch Screen main image
compact waterproof touch screen for workplaces

Waterproof to IP56 and manufactured from food grade stainless steel, the SENC-350 Compact Waterproof Touch Screen is designed to

Intrinsically Safe Enclosure product image
Intrinsically Safe Enclosure for ATEX Zone 2 Explosive Areas

Armagard's Intrinsically safe enclosure offers a low priced alternative to traditional air purged computer systems for use in areas

Waterproof keyboard with touchpad main product shot
Waterproof keyboard with Touchpad & backlit keys - NEMA 6P

Sealed to NEMA 6P industry standards, the waterproof keyboard with touchpad is designed with functionality in mind. Featuring an

waterproof mouse product shot
Waterproof mouse IP65 rated washable optical mouse

Perfect for use in medical, dental, scientific and food manufacturing environments and compatible with any computer our NEMA 4X

all weather tv enclosure
all weather tv enclosure for outside television

Fully weatherproof, the all weather TV enclosure protects your TV from the elements. It will last for years allowing you to

Industrial computer cabinet PENC-800 - PPRI-700
Industrial Computer Cabinet IP54 all-in-one

Flexible and Versatile IP54 Dual Printer and computer cabinet for Factory and Industrial Environments Protect you production processes

Industrial LCD monitor enclosure
Industrial LCD Monitor IP54 Enclosure for Small Computers and LCD Screens

The 700 series industrial LCD monitor enclosure is designed to protect tower or desktop PCs and flat screens (TFT, LCD, plasma or

computer cabinet PENC-800
Computer Cabinet IP54 Computer Protection for dirty or dusty environments

Computer cabinet The PENC-800 computer cabinet is an all-in-one compact computer enclosure designed for protecting a wide range of