Laboratory nitrogen generator provides high-purity gas

Laboratory nitrogen generator [Nevis]

Laboratory nitrogen generator from Apex Gas Generators.
Desktop laboratory nitrogen generator for high-purity nitrogen gas.
Apex gas Generators laboratory nitrogen generator for high-purity nitrogen.

The laboratory nitrogen generator provides high-purity nitrogen whenever you need it.

Choose your required flow rate and request your generator with or without a built-in air compressor. The Nevis generator is available in several models for easy installation on a desk or under a workbench, making it suitable for any laboratory.

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Why choose the laboratory nitrogen generator from Apex?

Apex Gas Generators specialises in the design and manufacture of on-site gas generation equipment. The company’s laboratory gas generator converts air into high-purity nitrogen. You receive an uninterrupted supply of gas that’s suitable for medical and scientific use.

You enjoy the following benefits:

  • Save money: You never have to pay for bottled nitrogen again.
  • Save space: A nitrogen generator requires less space than storing gas cylinders.
  • Improve workplace safety: Employees don’t have to move heavy gas cylinders.
  • Reduce delays: You don’t have to wait for deliveries of bottled gas.

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Features and benefits of the laboratory nitrogen generator

Features Benefits
Provides high-purity nitrogen Receive high-purity nitrogen in any location. The laboratory gas generator maintains a high level of purity over the lifespan of the generator.
Available with integrated air compressor Nevis generators are available with a built-in air compressor, making the generator a standalone solution that requires no extra components.
Castor wheels and compact size Standard Nevis nitrogen generators are easy to install under a workbench. Larger models have castor wheels, so you can move the generator into the best position for your employees.
Desktop version available The desktop Nevis generator has the smallest footprint of any nitrogen generator on the market. Install it easily in small laboratories and tight spaces.
Standby mode Save electricity and receive nitrogen only when you need it.
Custom options Request a bespoke gas generator that meets your requirements.
One-year warranty and ongoing technical support Your laboratory nitrogen generator has a long, reliable life and provides maximum return on investment.

Nevis nitrogen gas generator specifications

  • Flow rates: Several models available with flow rates of 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 litres of nitrogen per minute. The desktop Nevis generator provides flow rates of up to 1 litre per minute
  • Purity: Up to 99.9995% pure nitrogen
  • Output pressure: 5.4 bar/80 pounds per square inch
  • Technology: Pressure swing absorption (PSA) technology
  • Air compressor: Available with integrated air compressor

Do you need a bespoke solution? Apex Gas Generators can supply a custom laboratory nitrogen generator for any application. Choose your flow rate, purity and output pressure.

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