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budgeting for non-profit organizations book and assessment [Budgeting for non-profit organizations]

Budgeting for non-profit organizations book
Budgeting for non-profit organizations from HB Publications

Demand for the services of non-profit organizations often exceed the financial resources that organizations have. As a result, it is essential that financial decision makers practise effective budgeting for non-profit organizations. However, many managers do not have formal financial qualifications or backgrounds.

HB Publications provide three types of resources to train you and your employees in budgeting for non-profit organizations.

  • Book/eBook: Managing the devolved budget, 2nd edition
  • Online assessments: Budget setting skills and budget monitoring and control
  • Continuous professional development (CPD) courses

Book/eBook: managing the devolved budget, 2nd edition

This book provides a simple guide to budget setting and control. The book is especially good for people who do not have any formal training in budgeting for non-profit organizations.

The book helps financial decision makers develop and implement effective budgets, which make the most of limited resources and ensure the ongoing provision of non-profit services.

The book includes activities which test and apply knowledge to real life situations. It is written in an easy to read style, which makes it accessible to employees at all levels. It is available in print and eBook format.

  • Title: Managing the Devolved Budget, 2nd edition
  • Series: Essential Skills for the Public Sector
  • Authors: Jennifer Bean and Lascelles Hussey
  • Language: English
  • Publication date: 2011
  • Publisher: HB Publications
  • ISBN: 978 1899448 722
  • Size: 150x210
  • Pages: 156

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Online assessments: budgeting for non-profit organizations

HB Publications provide two online assessments that test a person’s competence in budgeting for non-profit organizations.

  1. Budget setting skills
  2. budget monitoring and control

The online assessments are an effective way of testing and training financial decision makers. Three attempts at each assessment are allowed, and a report is generated at the end of the assessment with the person’s score. The report also identifies areas for further training.

The online assessments are cost-effective, easy to use and include email support.

  1. Budget setting skills
  • What is a budget
  • Budget setting is important
  • Budget setting process
  • Budget setting techniques
  • Cash limited budgets
  • Budget factors
  • Budget setting assumptions
  • Budgeting -v- costing
  • Calculating unit cost
  • Activity based budgeting
  • Budgeting for salaries
  • Demand led budgets
  • Profiling budgets
  • Forecasting income
  • Crucial factors for successful budgeting

      2. Budget monitoring and control

  • Budget monitoring
  • Steps in the monitoring process
  • Establishing actual income and expenditure
  • Commitment accounting
  • Variance analysis
  • Calculating variances
  • Reasons for variances
  • What to do about variances
  • Budget control factors
  • Uncontrollable variances
  • Taking action to control variances
  • Budget virement
  • Demand led budgets
  • Responsibility for budget monitoring
  • Monthly monitoring routines
  • Projecting outturns
  • Financial management information
  • Budget monitoring reports

Continuous professional development (CPD) courses

HB Publications provide three CPD courses for financial decision makers in non-profit organisations.

  1. Budget setting, management and control

This course covers all aspects of budget setting, management and control, including training in important techniques, such as, variance analysis and commitment accounting. The course can be customised for each organisation.

     2. Managing the devolved budget (self-study)

This course consists of the book, “Managing the Devolved Budget,” and an online assessment. The course is for non-profit managers who have responsibility for budget management, yet have no previous experience of budget control.

    3. Managing budgets in the public and non-profit sector (online course)

This online course helps managers monitor and control budgets. It enables managers to deliver the organisation’s objectives, with limited financial resources.

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