Online financial skills assessment for public sector managers and recruiters

Online financial skills assessments [Online financial skills assessment]

It is essential that public sector and non-profit managers can make effective financial decisions. HB Publications provide an online financial skills assessment. The assessments test the skills of financial decision makers, and identify needs for further training. The assessments are also an excellent method of testing potential employees during recruitment.

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Online financial skills assessment to develop financial aptitude

Online financial competency assessments are excellent for developing the financial confidence of your employees.

The assessments test a person’s skills and knowledge, and ensure that a person can apply their knowledge to real life situations. Each assessment provides a report that outlines areas for further training. This allows you to identify areas for further training, which assists your employees to continually improve.

Ten financial competency assessments are available:

  • Basic maths and statistics
  • Budget setting skills
  • Budget monitoring and control
  • Finance for non-financial managers
  • Financial accounting techniques
  • Financial strategy
  • Costing and pricing
  • Procurement
  • Fraud awareness
  • Business planning

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Online financial skills assessment: an ideal tool for recruitment

Online financial assessment is an ideal method of testing potential employees. The assessments enable you to gauge the skills and knowledge of candidates, which enables you to appoint the best person for the job.

The online assessments can be taken anywhere, so candidates can take an assessment from home as part of their job application. The results of the assessment help you decide whether to invite the person to interview.

Online financial skills assessment: cost-effective and practical

The financial skills assessments are cost-effective and easy to use, which makes them suitable for public sector and non-profit organisations.

Each online assessment provides downloadable resources which support learning. The assessments focus on practical financial skills, so knowledge is applied to real life situations.

A report is generated at the end of an assessment, with the person’s score and areas for improvement. Three attempts are allowed at each assessment, so your employees can be tested again once they have had further training.

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