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Financial training, and CPD courses [Public Sector Finance Training]

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The finance for non-finance managers training provided by HB publications is ideal for public and non-profit sector managers. The CPD accredited finance training workshops are customised to fulfil the requirements of individual organisations. HB Publications assists learners to become more confident, and capable of making effective financial decisions in the public and non-profit sector. Contact us now to increase your financial competency.

Finance for non-finance managers training: bespoke training workshops

HB Publications has an excellent record of providing customised training workshops all around the world. The workshops are designed to fulfil the organisation’s objectives, whilst providing CPD points and certificates.

The training includes all subjects required for effective financial management in the public and non-profit sector, including:

  • Budgeting (devolved budgets)
  • Budget management and control
  • Cost Control
  • Financial awareness
  • Financial planning
  • Business planning

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Finance for non-finance managers training: bespoke financial competency assessments

HB publication offers a unique Financial Competency Improvement (FCI) system, which provides a cost-effective method to assess financial and managerial competency in an organisation. The training and assessments can be customised for organisations who wish to develop their staff’s financial competency. The assessments can be customised to include a wide range of topics, including:

  • Product/service knowledge
  • Organisational policy and procedure
  • Fraud awareness
  • Financial skills
  • Budgeting skills
  • Basic maths and statistics

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Finance for non-finance managers training: CPD courses (self-development)

The CPD (continuous professional development) courses are suitable for non-financial professionals. They are ideal for those who have some financial responsibility and would benefit from improving their understanding in topics such as financial accounts in the public or non-profit sector. Managers must ensure that their organisation provides quality services, whilst understanding the organisation’s financial position. There are three courses currently available:

  • Finance for non-financial public sector managers
  • Costing and pricing public sector services
  • Managing the devolved budget

The courses comprise a book and an online assessment. The assessment then provides a report on the competency level achieved.

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