Public sector marketing book develops your marketing abilities

Marketing public sector services [Public sector marketing]

The public sector marketing book by HB Publications, ‘Marketing in the public sector’, is part of the series called ‘Essential skills for the public sector’. Available as a book and eBook, the book explains the principles of marketing and applies them in a public and non-profit sector environment.

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Understanding how marketing techniques can be used in the public sector has become increasingly important. Effective marketing strategies ensure the focus of public sector services is on their customers. This is especially important in the current competitive environment and budgetary constraints. Public sector managers should see marketing as a fundamental part of the management process, and this book gives them the knowledge to do so effectively.

The book provides examples and practical exercises, enabling learners to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice. This encourages self-development and continuous improvement.

The book is ideal for those wanting to improve and become confident in their marketing abilities in the public or non-profit sector. The book is easy to read and is written in a simple style.

The public sector marketing book includes the following topics:

What is marketing?

  • Marketing definitions
  • Identifying customer needs
  • Anticipating customer needs
  • Satisfying customer needs
  • Understanding market conditions
  • Marketing versus selling
  • Summary

The marketing mix 

  • The four pillars of marketing
  • Product or service
  • Product life cycle
  • Place
  • Price
  • Promotion (advertisement)
  • People (the fifth pillar)
  • Summary

The marketing plan 

  • The marketing planning process
  • Setting objectives
  • Developing the marketing strategy
  • Analysing the market place
  • Identifying customer types
  • Defining target customers
  • Determining the competitive edge
  • Developing the marketing plan
  • Implementing the marketing plan
  • Summary

Marketing in a public sector environment 

  • Differences between the private and public sector
  • Developing a marketing organisation

Practical use of marketing techniques 

  • Market research
  • Application of the marketing mix
  • Public relations
  • Relevance of selling
  • Internal marketing

Marketing case studies

Public sector marketing book specifications

Details Information
Title Marketing Public Sector Services

Jennifer Bean

Lascelles Hussey
Language English
Publication date 1st January 2012
Publisher HB Publications
ISBN 978 1 899448 77 7

150 × 210

Pages 133 pages

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